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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.11 no.21 Botucatu Jan./Apr. 2007

 ·  The construction of knowledge in Dentistry: the scientific production of three Brazilian magazines from 1990 to 2004
Amorim, Karla Patrícia Cardoso; Alves, Maria do Socorro Costa Feitosa; Germano, Raimunda Medeiros; Costa, Iris do Céu Clara

 ·  Conflicts in the practice of Dentistry: the autonomy in question
Freitas, Cláudia Helena Soares de Morais

 ·  The profile of caregivers for the elderly and oral health perception
Saliba, Nemre Adas; Moimaz, Suzely Adas Saliba; Marques, Jeidson Antônio Morais; Prado, Rosana Leal do

 ·  Thinking case-studies as a strategy for producing knowledge
Siegmann, Christiane; Fonseca, Tania Mara Galli

 ·  Patient autonomy in the therapeutic process as a value for health
Soares, Jussara Calmon Reis de Souza; Camargo Jr., Kenneth Rochel

 ·  Street work and exposure to violence at work: a study with traffic agents
Lancman, Selma; Sznelwar, Laerte Idal; Uchida, Seiji; Tuacek, Tatiana Amodeo

 ·  Silent violence: psychological violence as a condition of domestic physical violence
Silva, Luciane Lemos da; Coelho, Elza Berger Salema; Caponi, Sandra Noemi Cucurullo de

 ·  In defense of imaginative research programs in the education of young researchers
Moraes, Rafael Vicente de

 ·  Graduate programs in Public Health in Argentina and Brazil: historical origins and recent trends in quality assessment processes
Hortale, Virginia Alonso; Koifman, Lilian

 ·  The formation of professionals in the Epidemiology graduate course: the teaching strategies of an experiment
Augsburger, Ana Cecília; Gerlero, Sandra Silvana; Taboada, Ernesto

 ·  Risk factors in the media
Vaz, Paulo; Pombo, Mariana; Fantinato, Maria; Pecly, Guilherme

 ·  Risk, technological reason and the enigma of health
Ayres, José Ricardo de Carvalho Mesquita

 ·  Persecutory health: waiting for portable riskometers
Castiel, Luis David; Guilam, Maria Cristina Rodrigues

 ·  Reply
Vaz, Paulo; Pombo, Mariana; Fantinato, Maria; Pecly, Guilherme

 Open Space
 ·  Breaking bad news and the pragmatics of human communication: the use of cinema in teaching/learning activities in medical education
Tapajós, Ricardo

 ·  Docência em saúde: temas e experiências
Marsiglia, Regina Maria Giffoni

 ·  Photographic exhibition: the hospital, as seen through the eyes of a child
Kudo, Aide Mitie; Maria, Priscila Bagio