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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.12 no.26 Botucatu July/Sept. 2008

 ·  The production of meanings regarding body image
Ferreira, Francisco Romão

 ·  Reinventing life: a qualitative study on the cultural meanings attributed by amputees to body reconstruction through implantation of prosthetics
Paiva, Luciana Laureano; Goellner, Silvana Vilodre

 ·  Body, sex and subversion: reflections on two queer theoreticians
Pereira, Pedro Paulo Gomes

 ·  Teaching qualitative health research: evaluation of an educational program based on the students' point of view
Mercado-Martínez, Francisco; Tejada-Tayabas, Luz María; Alcántara-Hernández, Elizabeth; Mercado-Martínez, Abel; Fuentes-Uribe, Irma Xóchitl; Trigueros-Becerra, Brenda

 ·  The case of an emerging evaluative community: peer multipliers' reappropriation of the assessment of their own preventive and social actions against STD/HIV/Aids, Amazonas, Brazil
Laperrière, Hélène

 ·  Narratives, reflective processes and professional practice: contributions towards research and training
Marcolino, Taís Quevedo; Mizukami, Maria da Graça Nicolletti

 ·  Analysis of informal social networks: application to the reality of inclusive school
Mesquita, Rafael Barreto de; Landim, Fátima Luna Pinheiro; Collares, Patrícia Moreira; Luna, Cícera Gilvaní de

 ·  Socio-anthropological analysis of living with diabetes: a case study
Barsaglini, Reni Aparecida

 ·  The internet, expert patients and medical practice: an analysis of the literature
Garbin, Helena Beatriz da Rocha; Pereira Neto, André de Faria; Guilam, Maria Cristina Rodrigues

 ·  Contraception counseling: training group for physicians within the Family Health Program
Santos, Manoel Antônio dos; Vieira, Elisabeth Meloni

 ·  NGOs, juvenile vulnerability and cultural recognition: symbolic efficacy and dilemmas
Malvasi, Paulo Artur

 ·  Alcoholism: social representations made by alcoholics undergoing treatment and by their relatives
Santos, Muriella Sisa Dantas dos; Velôso, Thelma Maria Grisi

 ·  Education in a marxist perspective: an approach based on Marx and Gramsci
Ferreira Jr., Amarilio; Bittar, Marisa

 Open Space
 ·  Discourse analysis: a reflection for health research
Macedo, Laura Christina; Larocca, Liliana Muller; Chaves, Maria Marta Nolasco; Mazza, Verônica de Azevedo

 ·  In-service training for health professionals of the Mobile Emergency Care Service: report on the experience of Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Ciconet, Rosane Mortari; Marques, Giselda Quintana; Lima, Maria Alice Dias da Silva

 ·  From sadness to depression: the transformation of one malaise into illness in work
Brant, Luiz Carlos; Minayo-Gomez, Carlos

 ·  The open: man and animal
Basques, Messias

 ·  Women and trajectories in the College of Medical Sciences of the Unicamp: singular voices and collective images
Montagner, Maria Inez

 ·  The humanization process in the Emergency Department of the Botucatu Medical School Clinical Hospital according to the health professionals' perspective
Nakamoto, Patricia Shirakawa