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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.13 no.29 Botucatu Apr./June 2009

 ·  Bioethics: an invitation to walk on a bridge...
Zoboli, Elma Lourdes Campos Pavone

 ·  Bioethics and professional identity: the healthcare worker's constrution of the experience of him/herself
Ramos, Flávia Regina Souza; Do Ó, Jorge Ramos

 ·  Solidarity in family medicine in Brazil and in Italy: reflecting on ethical issues and contemporary challenges
Lima, Rita de Cássia Gabrielli Souza; Verdi, Marta Inez Machado

 ·  Right to health, biopower and bioethics
Junges, José Roque

 ·  Innovative care experiences at Family Health Program (PSF): potential and limits
Uchôa, Alice da Costa

 ·  Health practices, constructed meanings and senses: theoretical instruments to help the interpretative analysis
Carvalho, Maria Cláudia da Veiga Soares; Luz, Madel Terezinha

 ·  An epistemological analysis of the diagnosis of depression
Caponi, Sandra

 ·  Dentistry science, Sisyphus and the "chameleon effect"
Emmerich, Adauto; Castiel, Luis David

 ·  The social construction of smoking as a public health problem: a merging of political interests and scientific legitimation processes
Spink, Mary Jane Paris; Lisboa, Milena Silva; Ribeiro, Flávia Regina Guedes

 ·  Evaluation of a health promotion project at the Elderly People's Care Center: an exploratory study
Assis, Mônica de; Hartz, Zulmira Maria de Araújo; Pacheco, Liliane Carvalho; Valla, Victor Vincent

 ·  Contributions from the internet for elderly people: a review of the literature
Miranda, Leticia Miranda de; Farias, Sidney Ferreira

 ·  Families of women with breast cancer: challenges associated with care and coping resources
Tavares, Jeane Saskya Campos; Trad, Leny Alves Bomfim

 ·  A contribution from semiotics towards visual communication within the field of healthcare
Oliveira, Sandra Regina Ramalho e; Gaspar, Débora da Rocha; Oliveira, Guilherme Augusto Ramalho e

 ·  Time, science and consensus: the different times involving scientific research, political decision and public opinion
Oliveira, José Aparecido de; Epstein, Isaac

 Open Space
 ·  Aging according to conceptual, social, demographic, political and educational views: emphasis on the experience of the state of Piauí, Brazil
Alencar, Maria do Socorro Silva; Carvalho, Cecília Maria Resende Gonçalves de

 ·  Services planning and management as contents of professional education in Occupational Therapy: reflections based on the students' perception
De Carlo, Marysia Mara Rodrigues do Prado; Santana, Carla da Silva; Elui, Valéria Meirelles Carril; Castro, José Marcelo de

 ·  Reflections on health management teaching in the medicine internship of the School of Medical Sciences - State University of Campinas : Unicamp
Carvalho, Sérgio Resende; Campos, Gastão Wagner de Sousa; Oliveira, Gustavo Nunes de

 ·  Habilidades de comunicação com pacientes e famílias
Cerqueira, Ana Teresa de Abreu Ramos

 ·  Narratives of women about parturition: comprehension of experiences and needs of care
Moreira, Karla de Abreu Peixoto

 ·  The scientific production about biosafety in Brazil
Neves, Tatiana Pereira das

 ·  Proposal of creating an "Academic Group for Research in Medical Education": student's concern about medical training and their engagement to it
Hamamoto Filho, Pedro Tadao; Venditti, Vinicius Cunha; Miguel, Licério; Silva, Ludmila Almeida; Oliveira, Cristiano Claudino; Comes, Giovana Tuccille; Abe, Erika Hissae Sassaki; Vicentini, Henrique Cláudio; Móz, Luis Eduardo Silva; Peraçoli, José Carlos