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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.14 no.33 Botucatu Apr./June 2010

 ·  The paradigmatic transition of healthcare as a citizen's duty: a look at bioethics in public health
Gaudenzi, Paula; Schramm, Fermin Roland

 ·  Men in primary healthcare: discussing (in) visibility based on gender perspectives
Couto, Márcia Thereza; Pinheiro, Thiago Félix; Valença, Otávio; Machin, Rosana; Silva, Geórgia Sibele Nogueira da; Gomes, Romeu; Schraiber, Lilia Blima; Figueiredo, Wagner dos Santos

 ·  The use of music in palliative care: humanizing care and facilitating the farewell
Seki, Natalie Hidemi; Galheigo, Sandra Maria

 ·  Mental health care in the municipality of São Carlos, State of São Paulo: remarks about its history and current situation
Dobies, Daniel Vannucci; Fioroni, Luciana Nogueira

 ·  Dentists' work within the family health strategy: potential and limits in the struggle for a new care model
Gonçalves, Evelise Ribeiro; Ramos, Flávia Regina Souza

 ·  Issues involved in establishing and maintaining exclusive breastfeeding, from the perspective of women attended at a primary healthcare unit
Fujimori, Elizabeth; Nakamura, Eunice; Gomes, Marcela Melatti; Jesus, Luciana Albuquerque de; Rezende, Magda Andrade

 ·  Multiprofessional health-related graduate courses: results from experiences using active methodologies
Marin, Maria José Sanches; Gomes, Romeu; Marvulo, Marilda Marques Luciano; Primo, Elisabete Medeiros; Barbosa, Pedro Marco Karan; Druzian, Suelaine

 ·  The regulatory complex for healthcare from the perspective of its operational players
Ferreira, Janise Braga Barros; Mishima, Silvana Martins; Santos, José Sebastião dos; Forster, Aldaísa Cassanho; Ferraz, Clarice Aparecida

 ·  Elderly people in long-term institutions: speaking about care
Freitas, Adriana Valéria da Silva; Noronha, Ceci Vilar

 ·  Health education for elderly people in discourse and practice: physical activity as a synonym for health
Fernandes, Wânia Ribeiro; Siqueira, Vera Helena Ferraz de

 ·  Social integration and living space: a path for evaluating the housing situation for people with severe mental disorders in Brazil
Furtado, Juarez Pereira; Nakamura, Eunice; Generoso, Cláudia Maria; Guerra, Andréa Máris Campos; Campos, Florianita Braga; Tugny, Augustin de

 ·  "Abnormal schoolchildren": psychiatry beyond psychiatric hospitals
Silva, Rosane Neves da; Pires, Mariana Lorentz; Scisleski, Andrea Cristina Coelho; Hartmann, Sara

 ·  The conceptualizations of adolescence constructed by professionals within the Family Health Strategy (FHS)
Fonseca, Débora Cristina; Ozella, Sérgio

 Open Space
 ·  The research process as a space and an empowerment process
Kleba, Maria Elisabeth; Wendhausen, Águeda Lenita Pereira

 ·  Production and reception of Qorpo-Santo's writings: indicating changes in the relationships between art and madness
Lima, Elizabeth Maria Freire de Araújo

 ·  The body as a pulse
Liberman, Flavia

 ·  A sociological and anthropological reflection on the body in the menopause
Separavich, Marco Antonio

 Brief Notes
 ·  Two hundred years of medical schools in Brazil: when does it can be celebrated?
Prata, Pedro Reginaldo

 ·  Delicadas coreografias