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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.14 no.34 Botucatu July./Sept. 2010

 ·  Medical discourse and marketing strategies of the pharmaceutical industry in the process of medicalization of childhood in Argentina
Faraone, Silvia; Barcala, Alejandra; Torricelli, Flavia; Bianchi, Eugenia; Tamburrino, María Cecilia

 ·  Ritalin in Brazil: production, discourse and practices
Ortega, Francisco; Barros, Denise; Caliman, Luciana; Itaborahy, Claudia; Junqueira, Lívia; Ferreira, Cláudia Passos

 ·  Cybersexuality and online research: some reflections about the concept of barebacking
Silva, Luís Augusto Vasconcelos da

 ·  How Communication experts express communicative competence
Braga, Eliana Mara; Silva, Maria Júlia Paes da

 ·  Representations on the use of alcohol among women undergoing treatment at a reference center in the city of São Paulo, Brazil
Campos, Edemilson Antunes de; Reis, Jéssica Gallante

 ·  Perceptions and attitudes among public school teachers towards the topic of drugs
Ferreira, Tatiana Cristina Diniz; Sanchez, Zila van der Meer; Ribeiro, Luciana Abeid; Oliveira, Lúcio Garcia de; Nappo, Solange Aparecida

 ·  The meanings of work and the organizational imaginary in a psychosocial care center (PCC)
Vasconcellos, Vinicius Carvalho de; Azevedo, Creuza da Silva

 ·  Empowerment and psychosocial care: notes on a mental health association
Almeida, Kamila Siqueira de; Dimenstein, Magda; Severo, Ana Kalliny

 ·  The path of the line of care from the perspective of non-transmissible chronic diseases
Malta, Deborah Carvalho; Merhy, Emerson Elias

 ·  Caring for pregnant women and babies in the context of the Family Healthcare Program: an ethnographic study
Bustamante, Vania; McCallum, Cecilia Anne

 ·  Paths for promoting oral health: capacitation among leaders of the Children's Pastoral Mission of the Catholic Church in Brazil
Queiroz, Silvia Maria Prado Lopes; Moysés, Samuel Jorge; França, Beatriz Helena Sotille; Bisinelli, Julio César; Moysés, Simone Tetu

 ·  Health management: nexuses between institutional daily routine and political participation in SUS
Guizardi, Francini Lube; Cavalcanti, Felipe de Oliveira

 ·  Sanitizing, caring and civilizing: the medical discourse for schools in the State of Paraná (1920-1937)
Larocca, Liliana Müller; Marques, Vera Regina Beltrão

 Open Space
 ·  Ylê ayié yaya ilera (full health in the house of this existence): equity and comprehensiveness in healthcare for the Afro-Brazilian religious community
Gomes, Márcia Constância Pinto Aderne

 ·  Care production and pedagogical production in participative planning: a dialogue with continuing health education
Franco, Camilla Maia; Koifman, Lilian

 ·  The health-promoting university and changes in professional training
Mello, Ana Lúcia Schaefer Ferreira de; Moysés, Simone Tetu; Moysés, Samuel Jorge

 ·  O conhecimento como forma de resistência: uma conversa com Lupicínio Íñiguez-Rueda
Íñiguez-Rueda, Lupicínio

 ·  Qualitative research practice: a guide for social science studentes and researchers.
Canesqui, Ana Maria

 ·  Between the processes of strengthening and of weakening of the ESF model: municipal management - educational agencies as intervenient components
Spagnuolo, Regina Stella

 ·  Comprehensive analysis of the meaning to care the adolescent performed by occupation health attention in primary care of the municipality of the Viçosa, Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Henriques, Bruno David

 ·  Poetics of the unfinished: notes for a moving clinic
Asanuma, Gisele Dozono

 Brief Notes
 ·  A rede de apoio no tratamento oncológico
Thalenberg, Luciana Geyer Kopelman

 ·  Poética do inacabado: postais cartográficos das expedições urbanas
Asanuma, Gisele Dozono