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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.15 no.36 Botucatu Jan./Mar. 2011

 ·  Care practices and normalization of conducts: some considerations on the socio-medical management of "good death" in palliative care
Marinho, Suely; Arán, Márcia

 ·  Interfaces between Public Health and Bioethics from a study published by authors connected with postgraduate public health programs in Brazil
Vieira, Juliane Brenner; Verdi, Marta Ines Machado

 ·  A special relationship: a study on teacher-student encounters
Rios, Izabel Cristina; Schraiber, Lilia Blima

 ·  Biology, subjectivity and alterity
Soares, Teresa Cristina; Czeresnia, Dina

 ·  Men and AIDS prevention: analysis on knowledge production within the field of healthcare
Rebello, Lúcia Emilia Figueiredo de Sousa; Gomes, Romeu; Souza, Alberto Carneiro Barbosa de

 ·  Institutional violence in public maternity hospitals: the women's view
Aguiar, Janaína Marques de; d'Oliveira, Ana Flávia Pires Lucas

 ·  Social resources to support women living in situation of violence in Ribeirão Preto, SP, in the perspective of key informants
Santos, Manoel Antônio dos; Vieira, Elisabeth Meloni

 ·  Aspects of identity in the experience of physical disabilities: a social-anthropological view
Martins, José Alves; Barsaglini, Reni Aparecida

 ·  Users' satisfaction with the use of public and private health services within therapeutic Itineraries in southern Brazil
Sisson, Maristela Chitto; Oliveira, Maria Conceição de; Conill, Eleonor Minho; Pires, Denise; Boing, Antonio Fernando; Fertonani, Hosanna Pattrig

 ·  Social inclusion and exclusion: the social representations of mental health professionals
Leão, Adriana; Barros, Sônia

 ·  Indigenous health and public policies: alterity and state of exception
Bernardes, Anita Guazzelli

 ·  Conduct disorder: an opportunity for prevention in mental health?
Silva, Luna Rodrigues Freitas

 ·  Educating for "great health": life and (trans) formation
Ratto, Cleber Gibbon; Silva, Simone Chaves Machado da

 ·  The contribution of receptivity and bonding towards humanization of dental surgeons' practice within the Family Health Program
Pinheiro, Poliana Miranda; Oliveira, Lúcia Conde de

 ·  Development of interprofessional collaborative practices within undergraduate programs on healthcare: case study on the Family Health Alliance in Fortaleza (Ceará, Brazil)
Barreto, Ivana Cristina de Holanda Cunha; Loiola, Francisco Antonio; Andrade, Luiz Odorico Monteiro de; Moreira, Ana Ester Maria Melo; Cavalcanti, Caio Garcia Correia de Sá; Arruda, Carlos André Moura; Silva, André Luiz Façanha da

 ·  The collective discourse of a former Hansen's disease patient living in an old colony in northeastern Brazil
Rocha, Ana Carolina Rocha Peixoto; Landim, Fátima Luna Pinheiro; Caprara, Andrea; Lefèvre, Ana; Lefèvre, Fernando

 ·  Development of a virtual environment for medical education by a multidisciplinary team: factors that influence the analysis on the educational problem
Ramos, Paula; Struchiner, Miriam

 ·  Communication models and use of printed materials in healthcare education: a bibliographic survey
Freitas, Fernanda Valéria de; Rezende Filho, Luiz Augusto

 ·  Evidence produced by qualitative investigations on type 2 diabetes: a review of the literature
Castellanos, Marcelo Eduardo Pfeiffer; Barros, Nelson Filice de; Spadacio, Cristiane; Alegre, Sarah Monte; Tovey, Philip; Broom, Alex

 Open Space
 ·  Activities workshops with public school youngsters: social technologies between education and occupational therapy
Lopes, Roseli Esquerdo; Borba, Patrícia Leme de Oliveira; Trajber, Natalia Keller de Almeida; Silva, Carla Regina; Cuel, Brena Talita

 ·  "Good evening, good morning HUAP!", an experience of humanization within training for healthcare professionals
Lanzieri, Pedro Gemal; Claro, Lenita Barreto Lorena; Bragança, Fernando Cesar Ranzeiro de; Montezano, Vera Regina dos Santos; Silva, Célia Sequeiros da

 ·  Interventions strategies within Occupational Therapy consonant with the transformations in mental health care in Brazil
Almeida, Daniela Tonizza de; Trevisan, Érika Renata

 ·  Objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE): a teaching experience using simulation of pharmaceutical care
Galato, Dayani; Alano, Graziela Modolon; França, Tainã Formentin; Vieira, Ana Cristina

 ·  A sociologia do corpo
Canesqui, Ana Maria

 ·  Research-action in Education for Health, care and humanization in the daily professional nursing
Coscrato, Gisele

 ·  The approach to male sexuality in Primary Health Care: possibilities and limitations
Pinheiro, Thiago Félix

 Brief Notes
 ·  Medical School social responsability
Magaldi, Cecilia