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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.16 no.41 Botucatu Apr./June 2012

        · text in English | Portuguese     · pdf in English | Portuguese
 ·  Functional health literacy: reflections and concepts on its impact on the interaction among users, professionals and the health system
Passamai, Maria da Penha Baião; Sampaio, Helena Alves de Carvalho; Dias, Ana Maria Iorio; Cabral, Lisidna Almeida

 ·  Health education in the context of Family Health from the user's perspective
Figueiredo, Maria Fernanda Santos; Rodrigues Neto, João Felício; Leite, Maisa Tavares de Souza

 ·  Dialogue with Bakhtin: some contributions to the understanding of verbal interactions in the health field
Corrêa, Guilherme Torres; Ribeiro, Victoria Maria Brant

 ·  Young men's discourses regarding access to healthcare services
Machado, Michael Ferreira; Ribeiro, Maria Auxiliadora Teixeira

 ·  Drug advertising: health as a consumer product
Rabello, Elaine Teixeira; Camargo Júnior, Kenneth Rochel de

 ·  Distinct approaches towards anabolic steroids: risks to health and hypermasculinity
Cecchetto, Fátima; Moraes, Danielle Ribeiro de; Farias, Patrícia Silveira de

 ·  The influence of religiousness on living with HIV
Ferreira, Débora Carvalho; Favoreto, Cesar Augusto Orazem; Guimarães, Maria Beatriz Lisbôa

 ·  STD/Aids counseling for pregnant women who underwent the anti-HIV test on admission for delivery: the meanings of practice
Fonseca, Patrícia de Lima; Iriart, Jorge Alberto Bernstein

 ·  Body, sexual violence, vulnerability and liberation education in the film “Precious: based on the novel ‘push’ by sapphire”
Godoi, Marcos Roberto; Neves, Luciene

 ·  Signs, meanings and practices of crisis management in Psychosocial Care Centers
Lima, Mônica; Jucá, Vládia Jamile dos Santos; Nunes, Mônica de Oliveira; Ottoni, Vitória Eugênia

 ·  Therapeutic itineraries: paths crossed in the search for care
Pinho, Paula Andréa; Pereira, Pedro Paulo Gomes

 ·  Modest witnesses and invisible populations in media coverage of human genetics in Colombia
Díaz del Castillo, Adriana; Olarte Sierra, María Fernanda; Pérez-Bustos, Tania

        · abstract in English | Spanish | Portuguese     · text in Spanish     · pdf in Spanish
 ·  The dialogic process of knowledge construction in discussion forums
Bicalho, Rute Nogueira de Morais; Oliveira, Maria Cláudia Santos Lopes de

 ·  The visibility of nursing work in the surgical center through photography
Reus, Lucia Helena; Tittoni, Jaqueline

 ·  Being a mentor in medicine: an archetypal view on motivations and changes in the journey
Gonçalves, Marina de Castro Nascimento; Bellodi, Patrícia Lacerda

 ·  Contributions to the construction of Integrative and Complementary Nutrition
Navolar, Thaisa Santos; Tesser, Charles Dalcanale; Azevedo, Elaine de

 ·  Integrated curriculum for teaching dentistry: new directions for training in the field of healthcare
Toassi, Ramona Fernanda Ceriotti; Stobäus, Claus Dieter; Mosquera, Juan José Mouriño; Moysés, Samuel Jorge

 Open Space
 ·  Collaborative learning networks: the contribution of distance education in the qualification process for managers of the Brazilian National Health System - SUS
Rangel-S, Maria Ligia; Barbosa, Ana de Oliveira; Riccio, Nicia Cristina Rocha; Souza, Joseilda Sampaio de

 ·  Occupation, wellness and life-satisfaction: the experience of an alternative training model within occupational therapy in Australia
Pfeifer, Luzia Iara; Stagnitti, Karen; Panuncio Pinto, Maria Paula

 ·  Physical education in mental health: constructing development from an interdisciplinary perspective
Roble, Odilon José; Moreira, Maria Inês Badaró; Scagliusi, Fernanda Baeza

 ·  Metodologia da pesquisa qualitativa na saúde
Medeiros, Samara Lênis Araújo de; Araújo, Ana Beatriz Pereira de; Valença, Cecília Nogueira; Germano, Raimunda Medeiros

        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese
 ·  Investigation of students' development within the Undergraduate Nursing course in relation to the topic of human sexuality
Philbert, Larissa Angélica da Silva

        · text in English | Portuguese     · pdf in English | Portuguese
 ·  The nursing political pedagogic project and the Brasilian Health System: a vision of students
Cavalcante, Rosangela Diniz

        · text in English | Portuguese     · pdf in English | Portuguese