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Avaliação: Revista da Avaliação da Educação Superior (Campinas)
On-line version ISSN 1982-5765


Table of contents
Avaliação (Campinas) vol.17 no.3 Sorocaba Nov. 2012

 ·  Editorial
Dias Sobrinho, José

 ·  Presentación
Rosario Muñoz, Víctor Manuel; Espinosa, Elia Marúm

 ·  Policies and quality concepts: dilemmas and challenges
Dias Sobrinho, José

 ·  The second world conference of higher education (unesco, 2009) and the vision of accreditation in the conferences of unesco (1998-2009)
López Segrera, Francisco

 ·  University quality re-conceptualization: challenge for Latin America
Inciarte González, Alicia; Bozo de Carmona, Ana Julia; Parra Sandoval, María Cristina

 ·  University and quality in Latin America in comparative perspective: questions and challenges
Fernández Lamarra, Norberto

 ·  Faculty facing quality management in higher education institutions: Perception and assessment
Larrauri, Jon Olaskoaga; Espinosa, Elia Marúm; Rosario Muñoz, Víctor Manuel; Lechosa, David Pérez

 ·  Ideas for a reform of the legal components related to the type of higher education institutions (hei)
Silva, Luis Enrique Orozco

 ·  Evaluation and internationalization of higher education: Quo vadis Latin America?
Leite, Denise; Genro, Maria Elly Herz

 ·  Graduate studies and their dialogues with basic education: historical (dis)encounters and the perpetuation of the socio-educational apartheid.
Ristoff, Dilvo I.; Bianchetti, Lucídio

 ·  Theses and dissertations: quality in question. developments
Balzan, Newton Cesar

 ·  The contribution of on-site evaluation as a factor of consolidation of the structuring principles of SINAES
Francisco, Thiago Henrique Almino; Melo, Pedro Antonio de; Nunes, Rogério da Silva; Michels, Expedito; Azevedo, Maria Ines Nava

 ·  Social origins of prospective teachers: the unequal democratization of higher education
Palazzo, Janete; Gomes, Candido Alberto

 ·  Democratization of access and success in higher education: a reflection from the realities of Portugal and Brazil
Almeida, Leandro; Marinho-Araujo, Claisy Maria; Amaral, Alberto; Dias, Diana