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Revista Katálysis
Print version ISSN 1414-4980


Table of contents
Rev. katálysis vol.14 no.1 Florianópolis Jan./June 2011

 ·  Contemporary challenges to social policy
Behring, Elaine Rossetti

 Espaço Temático: Políticas Sociais e Questões Contemporâneas
 ·  The relationship between the state and civil society in socio-productive development in argentina today
Hopp, Malena Victoria

 ·  Quota policy in Brazil: social policy?
Leite, Janete Luzia

 ·  The hiatus of law within law: exclusion from Continued Benefit Payments
Ivo, Anete Brito Leal; Silva, Alessandra Buarque de A

 ·  From Social Security to "intersectoriality": reflections on the integration of social policies in Brazil
Monnerat, Giselle Lavinas; Souza, Rosimary Gonçalves de

 ·  Mental health policy in Espírito Santo state
Oliveira, Edinéia Figueira dos Anjos; Garcia, Maria Lúcia Teixeira

 ·  Public safety policy in Brazil: advances, limits and challenges
Carvalho, Vilobaldo Adelídio de; Silva, Maria do Rosário de Fátima e

 ·  The new generation of social policies in the european context: workfare and activation measures
Moser, Liliane

 ·  Worker's health: considerations based on a criticism of political economy
Lara, Ricardo

 ·  The World Bank and brazilian higher education in the first decade of the new century
Lima, Kátia Regina de Souza

 ·  Socio-education and Identity: using Foucault and Varela to consider Sinase
Maraschin, Cleci; Raniere, Édio

 ·  Trends in latin american social policy in the 21st century
Sposati, Aldaiza

 ·  Colombian public policy models to benefit families
Quintero Velásquez, Ángela María

 Open Theme
 ·  The feminization of poverty: current theories and analytic potential
Aguilar, Paula Lucía