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Ambiente & Sociedade
On-line version ISSN 1809-4422


Table of contents
Ambient. soc. vol.11 no.1 Campinas Jan./June 2008


 ·  Meteorology and atmospheric pollution
Moreira, Davidson Martins; Tirabassi, Tiziano; Moraes, Marcelo Romero de

 ·  Sustainable development: an approach based on dissipative systems
Silva Neto, Benedito

 ·  Notes for a history of timber exploitation in the south-southeastern Brazilian Atlantic forest
Cabral, Diogo de Carvalho; Cesco, Susana

 ·  Matrixes that cross each other: interactions between the socioenvironmental movements and journalistic field
Mazzarino, Jane

 ·  Limnological assessment: a tool for water conservation in the environmental-urban planning and management
Marotta, Humberto; Santos, Roselaine Oliveira dos; Enrich-Prast, Alex

 ·  Espaços territoriais especialmente protegidos: conceito e implicações jurídicas
Pereira, Polyana Faria; Scardua, Fernando Paiva

 ·  Integrating sketch maps and satellite pictures in the study of changes in land coverage
D'Antona, Álvaro de Oliveira; Cak, Anthony Daniel; Nascimento, Thais Tartalha do

 ·  The limits of power of multinational companies: the Cartagena protocol on biosafety
Sarfati, Gilberto

 ·  Trajectories of the Jaguary conservation areas, environmental perception and tourism a study in the Cantareira system environmental protected area, São Paulo
Hoeffel, João Luiz; Fadini, Almerinda Antonia Barbosa; Machado, Micheli Kowalczuk; Reis, Jussara Christina

 ·  Protected areas in Brazil: Brazilian spa towns
Ninis, Alessandra Bortoni; Drummond, José Augusto

 ·  The final destination chain of unserviceable tires: the role of regulation and technological development
Motta, Flávia Gutierrez

 Research Results
 ·  Emotional space and sustainability indicators
Paulista, Geralda; Varvakis, Gregório; Montibeller-Filho, Gilberto

 Book Reviews
 ·  Uma demão de verde: os laços entre grupos ambientais, governos e grandes negócios
Rabinovici, Andréa