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Psicologia: Ciência e Profissão
On-line version ISSN 1982-3703


Table of contents
Psicol. cienc. prof. vol.27 no.4 Brasília Dec. 2007

 ·  Psychology and moral education
Sampaio, Leonardo Rodrigues

 ·  Occupational tress and inferential reasoning: a correlational study
Noronha, Ana Paula Porto; Fernandes, Dario Cecilio

 ·  The beginning of the psycological clinic: from the healing practice to the dispositives to promote health
Moreira, Jacqueline de Oliveira; Romagnoli, Roberta Carvalho; Neves, Edwiges de Oliveira

 ·  Public policies for adolescents in social vulnerability: sheltering and provisory nature
Oliveira, Ana Paula Granzotto de; Milnitsky-Sapiro, Clary

 ·  Inclusive education at higher education: a new challenge
Ferrari, Marian A. L. Dias; Sekkel, Marie Claire

 ·  Micro-politics and the practice of intervention-research: references and devices in analysis
Aguiar, Katia Faria de; Rocha, Marisa Lopes da

 ·  Blog writers: interacting with readers or listening to echoes?
Di Luccio, Flavia; Nicolaci-da-Costa, Ana Maria

 ·  Mental health and worker's health: analysis of the brazilian national conferences
Ramminger, Tatiana; Nardi, Henrique Caetano

 ·  Community health agents perception about domestic violence against woman
Scaranto, Catarina Antunes Alves; Biazevic, Maria Gabriela Haye; Michel-Crosato, Edgard

 ·  Health psychology and positive psychology: perspectives and challenges
Calvetti, Prisla Ücker; Muller, Marisa Campio; Nunes, Maria Lúcia Tiellet

 ·  Meaning of free-time for popular class adolescents
Sarriera, Jorge Castellá; Paradiso, Ângela Carina; Mousquer, Paula Nunes; Marques, Luciana Fernandes; Hermel, Júlia Schneider; Coelho, Roberta P. Schell

 ·  Risk perception and speeding: the law and the drivers
Thielen, Iara Picchioni; Grassi, Maria Virgínia Filomena Cremasco; Soares, Diogo Picchioni; Hartmann, Ricardo Carlos; Mazuroski Júnior, Aristeu; Baladón, Cristiano Moreno

 ·  Vocational guidance: an experience at a popular preparation course for the university entrance examination
Soares, Dulce Helena Penna; Krawulski, Edite; Dias, Maria Sara de Lima; D'Avila, Geruza T.

 ·  The restoration of the link between mother and her baby: study case of child abuse
Esteves, Carolina Marocco; Borges, Edson Sá

 ·  Geraldina Porto Witter