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Psicologia: Ciência e Profissão
On-line version ISSN 1982-3703


Table of contents
Psicol. cienc. prof. vol.28 no.1 Brasília  2008

 ·  The invention of resentment in the XIX century and the challenges of social psychology in the XXI century
Elsirik, Marisa Faermann; Trevisan, Juliano Fontana

 ·  Evaluation of an intervention of parental educative social skills program: a pilot study
Bolsoni-Silva, Alessandra Turini; Salina-Brandão, Alessandra; Versuti-Stoque, Fabiana Maris; Rosin-Pinola, Andréa Regina

 ·  A national view on the research concerning the neuropsychological evaluation of language
Serafini, Adriana Jung; Fonseca, Rochele Paz; Bandeira, Denise Ruschel; Parente, Maria Alice de Mattos Pimenta

 ·  Families and domestic violence: psychosocial characterization post actions from the child protection agency
Milani, Rute Grossi; Loureiro, Sonia Regina

 ·  Vorstellung: representability issues
Macedo, Mônica Medeiros Kother; Werlang, Blanca Susana Guevara; Dockhorn, Carolina Neumann de Barros Falcão

 ·  How is it to be a female adolescent in the suburb?
Sousa, Ada Cristina Guimarães de; Brandão, Shyrlene Nunes

 ·  The theoretical validity in psychological assessment
Villemor-Amaral, Anna Elisa de

 ·  Generational perspectives: social memory during Getúlio Vargas dictatorship
Naiff, Denis Giovani Monteiro; Sá, Celso Pereira de; Naiff, Luciene Alves Miguez

 ·  Personnel selection methods: preliminary discussions under the approach of radical behaviorism
Tadaiesky, Liany Tavares

 ·  Subjective sense production: the singularities of students in the learning process
Tacca, Maria Carmen Villela Rosa; Rey, Fernando Luis González

 ·  The psychology approach on the issue of disasters: a challenge for the vocational and cognitive psychology
Mattedi, Marcos Antônio

 ·  The social representation of motherhood in school-age children
Sampaio, Juliana; Santos, Maria de Fátima de Souza; Silva, Maria Rejane Ferreira da

 ·  The inner side of experience: attention to oneself and the production of subjectivity in a pottery workshop for acquired sight deficiency people
Kastrup, Virgínia

 ·  Artistic expression and call center: perspectives to improve the quality of work life
Rego, Renata Marques

 ·  Education of agents for the prevention of STD/AIDS in adolescence: an experience in a university community in Spain
Moskovics, Jenny Milner; Calvetti, Prisla Ücker

 ·  Maria Helena Souza Patto