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Psicologia: Ciência e Profissão
On-line version ISSN 1982-3703


Table of contents
Psicol. cienc. prof. vol.29 no.3 Brasília  2009

 ·  Psychiatric reform and social inclusion: a study with mental patients’ relatives
Maciel, Silvana Carneiro; Barros, Daniela Ribeiro; Silva, Antonia Oliveira; Camino, Leoncio

 ·  Life quality on the public service context: a social representation approach with health professionals
Coutinho, Maria da Penha de Lima; Franken, Ieda

 ·  Behavior analysis contributions to pediatric dentistry
Brandenburg, Olivia Justen; Haydu, Verônica Bender

 ·  The non-school: how yongsters with cancer see the school and the teacher who works in the hospital
Marchesan, Eduardo Caliendo; Bock, Ana Mercês Bahia; Petrilli, Antonio Sergio; Covic, Amalia Neide; Kanemoto, Eduardo

 ·  The school principal’s role into the accomplishment of an inclusive educational culture
Silva, Claudia Lopes da; Leme, Maria Isabel da Silva

 ·  Emotional regulation at work: a case study after air disaster
Gondim, Sonia Maria Guedes; Borges-Andrade, Jairo Eduardo

 ·  Implicatios of the psychological attendance to the ones who are experiencing significant losses
Souza, Airle Miranda de; Moura, Danielle do Socorro Castro; Corrêa, Victor Augusto Cavaleiro

 ·  Social representations of life project among adolescents in high school
Marcelino, Maria Quitéria dos Santos; Catão, Maria de Fátima Fernandes Martins; Lima, Claudia Maria Pereira de

 ·  Career counseling effects on indecision and exploratory behavior
Cunha, Maria Céu Taveira Castro Silva Brás; Faria, Liliana da Costa

 ·  Adolescents´ self-descriptions according to gender and birth order
Sampaio, Izabela Tissot Antunes; Vieira, Mauro Luís

 ·  Professional tendency and personality: research on the correlation among measures of these constructs
Welter, Giselle Müller-Roger; Capitão, Claudio Garcia

 ·  The Psychologist in the basic health assistance
Boarini, Maria Lucia; Borges, Roselania Francisconi

 ·  Experience into clinical of work with bank clercks with injuries by Repetitive Strain Injury
Santos Júnior, Adalberto Vital dos; Mendes, Ana Magnólia; Araujo, Luciane Kozicz Reis

 ·  On other considerations about Labor Psychology
Tubino, Carmela de Lima; Pedruzzi-Reis, Marcia Giovana; Silva, Rosane Neves da

 ·  Supervised training course in School Psychology: “demystifying” the clinical model
Lima, Maria de Fátima Evangelista Mendonça

 ·  Arno Engelmann