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Psicologia: Ciência e Profissão
On-line version ISSN 1982-3703


Table of contents
Psicol. cienc. prof. vol.30 no.2 Brasília  2010


 ·  School violence in the context of deprivation of freedom
Silva, Joelma Oliveira da; Ristum, Marilena

 ·  Psychology and profession: professional neurosis and the performance of the organizational psychologist in relation to the matter
Santos, Ludmilla Cristine; Goulart Júnior, Edward; Canêo, Luiz Carlos; Lunardelli, Maria Cristina Frollini; Carvalho, Pérola Lozano Teixeira de

 ·  The division of household labor between men and women in everyday marriage life
Jablonski, Bernardo

 ·  The Psychologist's professional identity: a review of the scientific production in Brazil
Mazer, Sheila Maria; Melo-Silva, Lucy Leal

 ·  A question for inclusive education: be exposed or protect oneself?
Sekkel, Marie Claire; Zanelatto, Raquel; Brandão, Suely de Barros

 ·  Tecnostress of workers on information and communication technologies
Carlotto, Mary Sandra; Câmara, Sheila Gonçalves

 ·  Research and practice in positive Psychology
Barros, Rita Manuela de Almeida; Martín, José Ignacio Guinaldo; Cabral Pinto, José Fernando Vasconcelos

 ·  Cancer subjective configurations: a case study in a constructive-interpretative approach
González Rey, Fernando Luis

 ·  What is said and what is unsaid in sexual education: a discourse production
Melo, Eugênia Marques de Oliveira; Arruda, Débora Pinho; Alencar, Helenira Fonseca de; Colaço, Veriana de Fátima Rodrigues

 ·  School psychology and inclusive education: a critical reading
Dazzani, Maria Virgínia Machado

 ·  Nobody can be motionless: youth, work and projects of life
Maia, Ana Augusta Ravasco Moreira; Mancebo, Deise

 ·  The practice of the psychologist at SUS: an analysis of some impasses
Ferreira Neto, João Leite

 ·  Help-seeking strategy among elementary school students
Serafim, Tania Maria; Boruchovitch, Evely

 ·  Reflexive activity with women who suffered domestic violence
Ramos, Maria Eduarda; Oltramari, Leandro Castro

 ·  The formulation of a brochure about the ambiguities of marital violence
Lenz-de-Oliveira, Kátia; Santos, Maira Mendes dos; Moura, Simone Albuquerque de; Garcia, Wiulla Inácia; Gomes, Romeu