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Psicologia: Ciência e Profissão
On-line version ISSN 1982-3703


Table of contents
Psicol. cienc. prof. vol.31 no.2 Brasília  2011


 ·  Moral disengagement in social cognitive theory
Azzi, Roberta Gurgel

 ·  The impact of violence in the family system of women victim of agression
Santos, Ana Cláudia Wendt dos; Moré, Carmen Leontina Ojeda Ocampo

 ·  Maternal skills of women victims of domestic violence: literature review
D'Affonseca, Sabrina Mazo; Williams, Lúcia Cavalcanti de Albuquerque

 ·  Maternal perceptions about babies' sociocommunicative skills
Aquino, Fabíola de Sousa Braz; Salomão, Nádia Maria Ribeiro

 ·  Parental alienation syndrome: from the North-American theory to the Brazilian new law
Sousa, Analícia Martins de; Brito, Leila Maria Torraca de

 ·  Learning strategies and learning to learn: teacher’s conceptions and knowledge
Santos, Osmar José Ximenes dos; Boruchovitch, Evely

 ·  Expansion and interiorization of Psychology: reorganization of knowledge and power at present
Macedo, João Paulo; Dimenstein, Magda

 ·  Feminine ways of subjectivity, family and work
Amazonas, Maria Cristina Lopes de Almeida; Vieira, Luciana Leila Fontes; Pinto, Virgínia Cavalcanti

 ·  Psychological intervention in the hospital accompaniment of a burnt child
Azevêdo, Adriano Valério dos Santos; Santos, Ana Flávia Trindade dos

 ·  The Brazilian national health system as a challenge to the education in Psychology
Scarcelli, Ianni Regia; Junqueira, Virgínia

 ·  Techno-Poetic analithic devices of activity a contribution to the clinic of work
Amador, Fernanda Spanier

 ·  The daily relationships and the black identity construction
Ferreira, Ricardo Frankllin; Camargo, Amilton Carlos

 ·  Death in the family: an exploratory study on telling the child
Lima, Vanessa Rodrigues de; Kovács, Maria Julia

 ·  On the pain and the delight of the Psychological practice in SUAS
Barreto, Alexandre Franca

 ·  Psychology and health: community therapy as a tool of awareness for the work with communities in Psychology formation
Fuentes-Rojas, Marta

 ·  Ecléa Bosi