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Psicologia: Ciência e Profissão
Print version ISSN 1414-9893


Table of contents
Psicol. cienc. prof. vol.32 no.2 Brasília  2012


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 ·  The professional choice in directing the career
Dias, Maria Sara de Lima; Soares, Dulce Helena Penna

 ·  Social competence of Psychologists: study with professionals who work in institutions
Lima, Maria José; Cerveny, Ceneide Maria de Oliveira

 ·  Evaluation of workers about a program of quality of life at work: validation of scale and qualitative analysis
Andrade, Polyanna Peres; Veiga, Heila Magali da Silva

 ·  Adolescence and sexuality: an exploratory study in a school of Porto Velho - RO
Cedaro, José Juliano; Vilas Boas, Luana Michele da Silva; Martins, Renata Moreno

 ·  Appoximations among the theatre of the oppressed, Psychology and Psychodrama
Oliveira, Érika Cecília Soares; Araújo, Maria de Fatima

 ·  Professional analysis of choice: an existential-phenomenological proposal
Feijoo, Ana Maria Lopez Calvo de; Magnan, Vanessa da Cunha

 ·  Public policies in mental health and work: political and epistemological challenges
Nardi, Henrique Caetano; Ramminger, Tatiana

 ·  Análise profissiográfica e mapeamento na segurança pública
Faiad, Cristiane; Coelho Junior, Francisco Antonio; Caetano, Patrícia Fagundes; Albuquerque, Anelise Salazar

 ·  Well-being at work of Psychologists in Public Health Services
Sousa, Alline Alves de; Coleta, Marilia Ferreira Dela

 ·  Resolution of the problem-situation and outcome in stories for children at 7 and 9 years
Rodrigues, Maria do Rosário de Fátima; Vilela, Fernanda Costa

 ·  Familial affectivity, conflict and behavioral problems in preschool children of low-income families: mothers and teachers perceptions
Rohenkohl, Lia Mara Inês Albertoni; Castro, Elisa Kern de

 ·  Dealing with psychological practices on how to understand the phenomenon workplacebullying
Meurer, Bruna; Strey, Marlene Neves

 ·  Psychosomatic disorders, pregnancy and diabetes mellitus: a case study
Barbosa, Roselaine Fernanda; Duarte, Cláudia Aparecida Marchetti; Santos, Laise Potério dos

 ·  Communitarian Psychology and Public Health: story of an experience of the Psi Practice in a Basic Unit of Family
Amaral, Marília dos Santos; Gonçalves, Cristiane Holzschuh; Serpa, Monise Gomes

 ·  Feedback interviews in research on Psychological assesment
Nunes, Maiana Farias Oliveira; Noronha, Ana Paula Porto; Ambiel, Rodolfo Augusto Matteo

 ·  Groups with health community agents: from helplessness to the construction of new healthcare possibilities
Koda, Mirna Yamazato; Silva, Diego Vinícius da; Machado, Maria Aparecida dos Santos; Naldos, Sabrina Maria da Silva

 ·  The child labour eradication program: extensionist actions and youth empowerment
Alberto, Maria de Fátima Pereira; Borges, Romanan Silva; Pessoa, Manuella Castelo Branco; Sousa, Juliana Mendes Lopes de; Araújo, Pedro Felipe Moura de; Vaz, Rodrigo de Oliveira Feitosa; Farias, Felipe Medeiros de; Mendes, Leonardo José de Alencar

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