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Psicologia: Ciência e Profissão
On-line version ISSN 1982-3703


Table of contents
Psicol. cienc. prof. vol.32 no.spe Brasília  2012


 ·  50 years of profession: social responsibility or ethical-political project?
Yamamoto, Oswaldo H.

 ·  Archive and testimony as a Science and Profession
Fonseca, Tania Mara Galli

 ·  History of Psychology in Brazil: a narrative from its teaching
Vilela, Ana Maria Jacó

 ·  Psychology in Brazil: an essay on its contradictions
Antunes, Mitsuko Aparecida Makino

 ·  50 years of Psychology in Brazil: the social construction of a profession
Furtado, Odair

 ·  The participation of São Paulo's psychologists in the recognition of the profession
Sá, Marcos Almeida de

 ·  Contributions for the development of the historiography of educational and school Psychology in Brazil
Barbosa, Deborah Rosária

 ·  Characterization of Brazilian social Psychology
Almeida, Leonardo Pinto de

 ·  Notes about the history of community social Psychology in Brazil
Gonçalves, Mariana Alves; Portugal, Francisco Teixeira

 ·  Community Psychology in Rio de Janeiro in the 70s and 90s
Lima, Renato Sampaio

 ·  Brief history of Brazilian psychological thinking about ethnic/racial relationships
Santos, Alessandro de Oliveira dos; Schucman, Lia Vainer; Martins, Hildeberto Vieira

 ·  Traffic Psychology and 50 years of profession in Brazil
Silva, Fábio Henrique Vieira de Cristo e

 ·  Notes on forensic Psychology
Brito, Leila Maria Torraca de

 ·  Psychology and inclusive education in Brazil in the journal Psicologia: Ciência e Profissão
Lourenço, Érika; Miranda, Ciléia Saori Hamada de; Póvoa, Jordana Mendes

 ·  Training in Psychology 50 years after the first National Curriculum of Psychology: some current challenges
Bernardes, Jefferson de Souza

 ·  Formation in Psychology: requirements for acting in primary and psychosocial attention
Dimenstein, Magda; Macedo, João Paulo

 ·  Contributions to the training of Psychologists: analyzing Carolina Bori’s articles published until 1962
Cândido, Gabriel Vieira; Massimi, Marina

 ·  Fifty years of production of knowledge: political practices of research in Psychology
Bicalho, Pedro Paulo Gastalho de; Magalhães, Kely Cristina; Cassal, Luan Carpes Barros; Geraldini, Janaína Rodrigues

 ·  Psychology, Philosophy, crossroads, experimentations: the possible ways in the dialogue with Kierkegaard and Foucault
Rodrigues, Heliana de Barros Conde; Mattar, Cristine Monteiro

 ·  Constitution of identity and humanity of our constitution from America
Acosta, Yamandú

 ·  On behalf of the memory
Arantes, Maria Auxiliadora de Almeida Cunha

 ·  Conselho Federal de Psicologia - Entrevista com o Psicólogo Arrigo Leonardo Angelini

 ·  César Ades