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Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental
On-line version ISSN 1807-1929


Table of contents
Rev. bras. eng. agríc. ambient. vol.10 no.3 Campina Grande July/Sept. 2006

 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
 ·  Economic design of drain depths and spacings for sugar cane production
Mingoti, Rafael; Duarte, Sergio N.; Miranda, Jarbas H. de; Cruciani, Décio E.

 ·  Evaluation of trickle irrigation systems used in coffee crop
Souza, Luís O. C. de; Mantovani, Everardo C.; Soares, Antonio A.; Ramos, Márcio M.; Freitas, Paulo S. L. de

 ·  Head loss in polyethylene pipelines carrying swine wastewater
Tagliaferre, Cristiano; Oliveira, Rubens A. de; Denículi, Wilson; Cecon, Paulo R.

 Soil and Water Management
 ·  Modifications in the matrix of a Cohesive Yellow Argisol under different management systems with sugar cane
Silva, Apolino J. N. da; Cabeda, Mário S. V.

 ·  Irrigation demand for grape crop in San Francisco River Basin
Freitas, Wallisson da S.; Ramos, Márcio M.; Oliveira, Ângelo M. S

 ·  Effects of leaching and water salinity on a saline soil cultivated with sugar beet
Ferreira, Paulo A.; Moura, Ronaldo F. de; Santos, Delfran B. dos; Fontes, Paulo C. R.; Melo, Ralini F. de

 ·  Organic matter and physical properties of a Cohesive Yellow Argisol under different management systems with sugar cane
Silva, Apolino J. N. da; Cabeda, Mário S. V.; Carvalho, Fabíola G. de

 ·  Technological fiber quality of herbaceous cotton cultivated with biosolids
Pedroza, Juarez P.; Haandel, Adrianus C. van; Beltrão, Napoleão E. de M.; Dionísio, Jair A.; Duarte, Maria E. M.

 ·  Complementary irrigation sustainability in Typic Udipsament and Entic Hapludol soils of Argentina
Vázquez, Mabel; Gelati, Pablo; Millán, Guillermo

 ·  Equations and computer program for calculating the solute transport in soil
Borges Júnior, João C. F.; Ferreira, Paulo A.

 ·  Studies on mycorrhizal fungi
Souza, Vênia C. de; Silva, Ricardo A. da; Cardoso, Gleibson D.; Barreto, Artur F.

 ·  Levels of nitrogen and growth promoter in the production and quality of BRS green cotton
Lima, Maria M. de; Azevedo, Carlos A. V. de; Beltrão, Napoleão E. de M.; Lima, Vera L. A. de; Nascimento, Maria B. H. do; Figueirêdo, Ivana C. de M.

 ·  Nitrogen and growth promoter: effects on growth and development of green fiber cotton
Lima, Maria M. de; Azevedo, Carlos A. V. de; Beltrão, Napoleão E. de M.; Dantas Neto, José; Gonçalves, Cira B.; Santos, Claudia G. da F.

 ·  Relationship between water availability and eucalyptus productivity at different ages in Guanhães region, Minas Gerais state
Souza, Maria J. H. de; Ribeiro, Aristides; Leite, Hélio G.; Leite, Fernando P.; Minuzzi, Rosandro B.

 ·  Optimal water interval and yield of soybean cultivars
Beutler, Amauri N.; Centurion, José F.; Silva, Alvaro P. da; Barbosa, José C.

 ·  Available water in a clayey Oxisol and physiological wilting of crops
Klein, Vilson A.; Reichert, José M.; Reinert, Dalvan J.

 Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products
 ·  Control of fungi present in the air and bean seeds during storage
Borém, Flávio M.; Resende, Osvaldo; Machado, José da C.; Fontenelle, Isa M. R.; Sousa, Frederico F. de

 ·  Postharvest characterization of stored papaya in modified atmosphere
Oliveira Jr., Luiz F. G.; Coelho, Enilce M.; Coelho, Fábio C.

 ·  Determination and modeling of physical properties and shrinkage of wheat grains during the drying process
Corrêa, Paulo C.; Ribeiro, Deise M.; Resende, Osvaldo; Botelho, Fernando M.

 ·  A combined system for coffee drying
Lacerda Filho, Adilio F. de; Silva, Juarez de S. e

 Environmental Control and Management
 ·  Analysis of environmental factors in joinery in the Federal District of Brazil
Fiedler, Nilton C.; Venturoli, Fábio; Minetti, Luciano J.

 ·  The environmental aspects in the farmer's decision process: a case study of Rural Taquara Nucleus
Ribeiro, Antonio C. F.; Brites, Ricardo S.; Junqueira, Ana M. R.

 ·  Performance of four poultry carcasses composting systems
Costa, Mônica S. S. de M.; Costa, Luiz A. de M.; Pelá, Adilson; Silva, Cesar J. da; Decarli, Léo D.; Matter, Uilson F.

 ·  Proposition of reference values for natural concentration of heavy metals in Brazilian soils
Fadigas, Francisco de S.; Sobrinho, Nelson M. B. do Amaral; Mazur, Nelson; Anjos, Lúcia H. C. dos; Freixo, Alessandra A.

 ·  Phosphorus removal in overland flow system for domestic wastewater treatment
Loures, Ana P. S.; Soares, Antônio A.; Matos, Antônio T. de; Cecon, Paulo R.; Pereira, Odilon G.

 ·  Preliminary assessment of diffused loads from rural areas in a sub-basin of the Jaguari River, SP, Brazil
Mansor, Maria T. C.; Teixeira Filho, José; Roston, Denis M.

 ·  Improvement of soil fertility as affected by the addition of enzyme industry wastewater
Cavallet, Luiz E.; Lucchesi, Luiz A.C.; Moraes, Aníbal de; Schimidt, Edison; Perondi, Miguel A.; Fonseca, Ricardo A. da

 ·  Disposal of wastewater from desalination process by reverse osmosis
Soares, Tales M.; Silva, Iran J. O. da; Duarte, Sergio N.; Silva, Ênio F. de F. e

 ·  Reclamation of soils treated with sewage sledge rich in Zn
Mesquita, Aline A.; Sobrinho, Nelson M. B. Amaral; Oliveira, Clarice de; Mazur, Nelson; Santos, Fabiana S. dos

 ·  Energy efficiency of swine production system with biodigestor waste treatment
Angonese, André R.; Campos, Alessandro T.; Zacarkim, Carlos E.; Matsuo, Melissa S.; Cunha, Francielly

 Agricultural Machines
 ·  Modeling and analysis of an automatic control system for harvesting machine cutting height
Rafull, Leidy Z. L.; Queiroz, Daniel M. de; Souza, Cristiano M. A. de; Pinto, Francisco de A. de C.

 ·  Resistance to penetration of a soil in reclamation under agrosilvo-pastoral system
Campos, Fabiana da S. de; Alves, Marlene C.

 ·  Correlation between bean yield and soil penetration resistance under no-tillage
Carvalho, Guilherme J.; Carvalho, Morel de P.; Freddi, Onã da S.; Martins, Mariana V.

 ·  Methodology for structuring agribusiness supply chain: an exploratory study
Furlanetto, Egidio L.; Cândido, Gesinaldo A.