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Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental
On-line version ISSN 1807-1929


Table of contents
Rev. bras. eng. agríc. ambient. vol.11 no.1 Campina Grande Jan./Feb. 2007

 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
 ·  Hazen-Williams equation corrected for swine wastewater
Sampaio, Silvio C.; Cilene, Kátia; Boas, Márcio A. Vilas; Queiroz, Manoel M. F. de; Gomes, Benedito M.; Fazolo, Ajadir

 Soil and Water Management
 ·  Productive characteristics of tomato crop submitted to different levels of salts in the irrigation water
Oliveira, Bernardete C.; Cardoso, Maria A. A.; Oliveira, Juliana C. de; Oliveira, Francisco A. de; Cavalcante, Lourival F.

 ·  Development of the lettuce Elisa in different irrigation systems with wastewater
Sandri, Delvio; Matsura, Edson E.; Testezlaf, Roberto

 ·  Use of cassava industry wastewater in the vegetative development of corn in a protected environment
Saraiva, Fernanda Z.; Sampaio, Silvio C.; Silvestre, Marciane G.; Queiroz, Manoel M. F. de; Nóbrega, Lúcia H. P.; Gomes, Benedito M.

 ·  Morphological and molecular characterization of accessions of lima-beans (Phaseolus lunatus L.)
Guimarães, Walma N. R.; Martins, Luiza S. S.; Silva, Edson F. da; Ferraz, Gabriela de M. G.; Oliveira, Francisco J. de

 ·  Sensor placement for soil water monitoring in lemon irrigated by micro sprinkler
Coelho, Eugênio F.; Santos, Delfran B. dos; Azevedo, Carlos A. V. de

 ·  Spatial variability of weeds in two soil management systems
Schaffrath, Valter R.; Tormena, Cássio A.; Gonçalves, Antônio C. A.; Oliveira Junior, Rubem S. de

 Agricultural Meteorology and Climatology
 ·  Effects of the ENSO events and variation of SST on the rainfall in semi-arid region of Paraíba State
Moraes Neto, João M. de; Barbosa, Marx P.; Araújo, Alexandre E. de

 ·  Analysis of rainfall distribution for Santa Maria, RS, Brazil
Silva, Joel C. da; Heldwein, Arno B.; Martins, Fabrina B.; Trentin, Gustavo; Grimm, Edenir L.

 Environmental Control and Management
 ·  Dynamics of the subsoil regeneration in degraded areas of Cerrado
Rodrigues, Graciela B.; Maltoni, Kátia L.; Cassiolato, Ana Maria R.

 ·  Evaluation of heavy metal concentrations in vegetable crop cultivation areas in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Fernandes, Raphael B. A.; Luz, Walcrislei V.; Fontes, Maurício P. F.; Fontes, Luiz E. F.

 ·  Potassium doses and leaching of soil with sewage sludge
Paglia, Edmilson C.; Serrat, Beatriz M.; Freire, Clarice A. de L.; Veiga, Andréa M.; Borsatto, Ricardo S.

 ·  Selection of models for adjusting particle size distribution curves of suspended sediments in river
Lima, Jorge E. F. W.; Silva, Euzebio M. da

 ·  Use of stillage and its impact on soil properties and groundwater
Silva, Mellissa A. S. da; Griebeler, Nori P.; Borges, Lino C.

 Rural Constructions and Environment
 ·  Contraction properties of liners produced with stabilized soil for stabelization pond base
Costa, Otoniel P. da; Lollo, José A. de