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Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental
On-line version ISSN 1807-1929


Table of contents
Rev. bras. eng. agríc. ambient. vol.11 no.4 Campina Grande July/Aug. 2007

 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
 ·  Hydraulic ram pump manufacturer features using alternative materials
Cararo, Denis C.; Damasceno, Flavio A.; Griffante, Greta; Alvarenga, Lívia A.

 ·  Erosion quantification in pastures with different slopes in the Ribeirão Salomea Watershed
Inácio, Euzelina dos S. B.; Cantalice, José R. B.; Nacif, Paulo G. S.; Araujo, Quintino R. de; Barreto, Arlete C.

 Soil and Water Management
 ·  Nitrogen mineralization after application of organic fertilizers to an Entisol cultivated with maize
Menezes, Rômulo S. C.; Salcedo, Ignácio H.

 ·  Use of soil physico-hydrical characteristics to identify high density layers on a tableland soil at Sergipe
Fonsêca, Marcos H. P.; Guerra, Hugo O. C.; Lacerda, Rogério D. de; Barreto, Aurelir N.

 ·  Grafting and carbonated irrigation water in transport of 15N and in the tomato production
Branco, Roberto B. F.; Goto, Rumy; Carneiro Júnior, Ary G.; Guimarães, Vandeir F.; Rodrigues, João D.; Trivelin, Paulo C.O.; Silveira, Liciana V. de A.

 ·  NO3- and NH4+ transport in a typic Haplortox aggregates with and without biological activity
Coelho, Fábio C.; Ruiz, Hugo A.; Cantarutti, Reinaldo B.; França, Gonçalo E.

 ·  Response of irrigated rice to green manure and chemical fertilization in the State of Tocantins
Fageria, Nand K.; Santos, Alberto B. dos

 ·  Effect of irrigation on development of crisped lettuce, in protected environment, in Lavras, MG
Vilas Boas, Renato C.; Carvalho, Jacinto de A.; Gomes, Luiz A. A.; Souza, Kleber J. de; Rodrigues, Reginaldo C.; Sousa, Alexandre M. G. de

 ·  Estimation of potential acidity by the pH SMP method in soils of the homogeneous micro-region of Brejo Paraibano
Chaves, Lucia H. G.; Chaves, Iêde B.; Vasconcelos, Ana C. F.

 Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products
 ·  Mechanical behavior of bean grains under compression
Resende, Osvaldo; Corrêa, Paulo C.; Ribeiro, Deise M.; Figueiredo Neto, Acácio

 Environmental Control and Management
 ·  Surface runoff and peak discharge simulation in ephemeral watershed
Mello, Carlos R.; Lima, José M.; Silva, Antônio M. da

 ·  Production of agricultural biosolid by composting and vermicomposting sewage sludge
Corrêa, Rodrigo S.; Fonseca, Yone M. F.; Corrêa, Anelisa S.

 ·  Spatial variability of physical attributes of soil associated with use and occupation of landscape
Gomes, Natalino M.; Faria, Manoel A. de; Silva, Antônio M. da; Mello, Carlos R. de; Viola, Marcelo R.

 Rural Constructions and Environment
 ·  Evaluation of the noise level in swine housing
Sampaio, Carlos A. de P.; Nääs, Irenilza de A.; Salgado, Douglas D.; Queirós, Marcos P. G.

 ·  Swine environmental quality index (SEQI): Conceptual and methodological aspects and case studies
Souto, Adriano R.; Ralisch, Ricardo