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Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental
On-line version ISSN 1807-1929


Table of contents
Rev. bras. eng. agríc. ambient. vol.15 no.5 Campina Grande May 2011

 Soil, Water and Plant Management
 ·  Compressibility of an Ultisol submitted to different managements
Oliveira, Veronildo S.; Rolim, Mário M.; Costa, Yuri D. J.; Pedrosa, Elvira M. R.; Silva, Ênio F. de F. e

 ·  Technological quality of sugarcane under fertilization with filter cake enriched with soluble phosphate
Santos, Diego H.; Silva, Marcelo de A.; Tiritan, Carlos S.; Foloni, José S. S.; Echer, Fábio R.

 ·  Quantitative and qualitative aspects of wheat grains influenced by nitrogen and water depth
Boschini, Ana P. M.; Silva, Cícero L. da; Oliveira, Carlos A. da S.; Oliveira Júnior, Manuel P. de; Miranda, Martha Z. de; Fagioli, Marcelo

 ·  The efficiency of use of nitrogen applied in top dressing in irrigated bean
Sant'Ana, Edvaldo V. P.; Santos, Alberto B. dos; Silveira, Pedro M. da

 ·  Parceling of phosphorus fertilizer in the cotton crop under irrigated and rainfed systems of cultivation
Aquino, Leonardo A.; Berger, Paulo G.; Oliveira, Rubens A.; Neves, Júlio C. L.; Lima, Tricia C.; Batista, Carlos H.

 ·  Commercial yield of tomato in response to salinization caused by fertigation under greenhouse conditions
Eloi, Waleska M.; Duarte, Sergio N.; Soares, Tales M.; Silva, Enio F. de F.; Miranda, Jarbas H.

 ·  Phytoextraction of salts by Atriplex nummularia lindl. under water stress in saline sodic soils
Souza, Edivan R. de; Freire, Maria B. G. dos S.; Nascimento, Clístenes W. A. do; Montenegro, Abelardo A. de A.; Freire, Fernando J.; Melo, Hidelblandi F. de

 ·  Chemical and organic amendments in reclamation of saline-sodic soil in greenhouse
Miranda, Marcelo A.; Oliveira, Emanoel E. M. de; Santos, Karen C. F. dos; Freire, Maria B. G. dos S.; Almeida, Brivaldo G. de

 ·  Strategies for use of brackish water in NFT hydroponic lettuce production
Alves, Márcio S.; Soares, Tales M.; Silva, Luana T.; Fernandes, Joseane P.; Oliveira, Mariana L. A.; Paz, Vital P. S.

 ·  Hydroponic tomato production using reject of desalination in the nutrient solution applied at different stages
Cosme, Christiano R.; Dias, Nildo da S.; Oliveira, André M. de; Oliveira, Ermelinda M. M.; Sousa Neto, Osvaldo N. de

 ·  Initial growth of cherry tomatoes under irrigation with saline water in a soil with bovine biofertilizer
Medeiros, Reinaldo F.; Cavalcante, Lourival F.; Mesquita, Francisco O.; Rodrigues, Rummenigge M.; Sousa, Geocleber G.; Diniz, Adriana A.

 ·  Leaf content, accumulation and partitioning of nutrients in pumpkin crop irrigated with saline water
Carmo, Gilcimar A. do; Oliveira, Francisco R. A. de; Medeiros, José F. de; Oliveira, Francisco de A. de; Campos, Marcos de S.; Freitas, Djanira C. de

 Agricultural Meteorology and Climatology
 ·  A large-scale weighting lysimeter. part I: development and calibration
Campeche, Luiz F. M. de S.; Netto, Antenor O. Aguiar; Sousa, Inajá F.; Faccioli, Gregório G.; Silva, Vicente de P. R. da; Azevedo, Pedro V. de

 ·  Large-scale weighing lysimeter. part II: water requirements of the irrigated dwarf-green coconut
Sousa, Inajá F.; Netto, Antenor O. A.; Campeche, Luiz F. M. S.; Barros, Allan C.; Silva, Vicente de P. R. da; Azevedo, Pedro V. de

 Environmental Control and Management
 ·  Pesticides in the soil profile in planting areas of onions in Ituporanga, SC
Pinheiro, Adilson; Moraes, João C. S; Silva, Marcos R. da