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Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental
On-line version ISSN 1807-1929


Table of contents
Rev. bras. eng. agríc. ambient. vol.16 no.2 Campina Grande Feb. 2012

 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
 ·  Modeling for the design of a micro-irrigation system using branched microtubes
Alves, Dinara G; Pinto, Marinaldo F; Salvador, Conan A; Almeida, Alexsandro C. S; de Almeida, Ceres D. G. C; Botrel, Tarlei A

 ·  Modeling of wind effects on water application uniformity of sprinkler irrigation: medium-sized sprinklers
Faria, Lessandro C; Beskow, Samuel; Colombo, Alberto; Oliveira, Henrique F. E de

 ·  Rainfall erosivity in municipal districts of Mato Grosso: seasonal distribution and correlation with rainfall data
Almeida, Cristiana O. S; Amorim, Ricardo S. S; Eltz, Flávio L. F; Couto, Eduardo G; Jordani, Sara A

 Soil, Water and Plant Management
 ·  Efficiency of use of production factors water and potassium in the watermelon crop irrigated with water of reuse
Oliveira, Paulo G. F. de; Moreira, Olavo da C; Branco, Lourenço M. C; Costa, Raimundo N. T; Dias, Chrislene N

 ·  Productivity and technical analysis of indicators of yellow passion fruit irrigated at different times
de Araújo, Haroldo F; Costa, Raimundo N. T; Crisóstomo, João R; Saunders, Luís C. U; Moreira, Olavo da C; Macedo, Antônia B. M

 ·  Production of ornamental sunflower with use of brackish waters in NFT hydroponic system
Maciel, Marlo P; Soares, Tales M; Gheyi, Hans R; Rezende, Emerson P. L; Oliveira, Greice X. S

 ·  Growth and physiological responses of tree species in salinized soil treated with amendments
Sousa, Flaubert Q de; Araújo, Josinaldo L; Silva, Alexandre P da; Pereira, Francisco H. F; Santos, Rivaldo V dos; Lima, Geovani S de

 ·  Productivity and mineral nutrients in millet and sudan grass fertilized with whey
Morrill, Waldirene B. B; Rolim, Mario M; Bezerra Neto, Egídio; Pedrosa, Elvira M. R; Oliveira, Veronildo S; Almeida, Gledson L. P de

 ·  Soil organic matter and water infiltration under maize and forage intercropping
Sato, Juliana H; Figueiredo, Cícero C. de; Leão, Tairone P; Ramos, Maria L. G; Kato, Eiyti

 Agricultural Metereology and Climatology
 ·  Estimation of net radiation in sunflower as a function of solar radiation
Heldwein, Arno B; Maldaner, Ivan C; Radons, Sidinei Z; Loose, Luis H; Lucas, Dionéia D. P; Hinnah, Fernando D

 Environmental Control and Management
 ·  Fertigation of cotton with treated domestic sewage
Sousa Neto, Osvaldo N; Andrade Filho, Jerônimo; Dias, Nildo da S; Rebouças, Jonatas R. L; Oliveira, Francisco R. A de; Diniz, Adriana A

 Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products
 ·  Dry matter and oil accumulation in the jatropha seeds and quality of extracted oil
Santos, Silmara B. dos; Martins, Marcio A; Aguilar, Paulo R. M; Caneschi, Ana L; Carneiro, Angélica de C. O; Dias, Luiz A. dos S

 ·  Storage of the prickly pear powder
Lisbôa, Cícera G. C. de; Figueirêdo, Rossana M. F. de; Queiroz, Alexandre J. de M

 Rural Constructions and Environment
 ·  Surface treatments aimed at improving the adhesion between plaster and bamboo slivers
Silva, Cibelle G; Barbosa, Normando P; Oliveira, Marilia P. de

 Energy in Agriculture
 ·  Physico-chemical and dielectric characterization of biodegradable oils for electric transformers
Silva, Claudia R; Carvalho, Maria W. N. C; Conrado, Líbia de S; Fook, Marcus V. L; Leite, Krsthianna P. dos S