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Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental
On-line version ISSN 1807-1929


Table of contents
Rev. bras. eng. agríc. ambient. vol.16 no.5 Campina Grande May 2012

 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
 ·  Modelling of the soil water infiltration in crusting soil. Part I: GAML model for layered soils
Zonta, João H.; Martinez, Mauro A.; Pruski, Fernando F.; Silva, Demetrius D. da; Santos, Marcelo R. dos

 ·  Modelling of the soil water infiltration in crusting soil. Part II: variable hydraulic conductivity over time
Zonta, João H.; Martinez, Mauro A.; Silva, Demetrius D. da; Pruski, Fernando F.; Santos, Marcelo R. dos

 ·  Performance of auto compensating drippers with different effluents of domestic sewage
Silva, Lívia P. da; Silva, Manassés M. da; Correa, Marcus M.; Souza, Fillipe C. D.; Silva, Ênio F. de F. e

 Soil, Water and Plant Management
 ·  Soil microbial biomass under different tillage and levels of applied pig slurry
Balota, Elcio L.; Machineski, Oswaldo; Matos, Maria A.

 ·  Spatial temporal variability of electrical conductivity of groundwater in the semiarid region of Pernambuco, Brazil
Andrade, Tafnes S.; Montenegro, Suzana M. G. L.; Montenegro, Abelardo A. A.; Rodrigues, Diogo F. B.

 ·  Biometric analysis of irrigated eucalyptus forests in the five initial years of development
Fernandes, André L. T.; Thaíla de M., Florêncio; Faria, Marianne F. de

 ·  Performance of carrot cultivars depending on soil water
Lima Junior, Joaquim A.; Pereira, Geraldo M.; Geisenhoff, Luciano O.; Silva, Wellington G. da; Vilas Boas, Renato C.; Souza, Rovilson J. de

 ·  Biomass production and nutrient removal by plant cover
Cavalcante, Valéria S.; Santos, Valdevan R.; Santos Neto, Antônio L. dos; Santos, Márcio A. L. dos; Santos, Cícero G. dos; Costa, Leonardo C.

 Agricultural Meteorology and Climatology
 ·  Method to estimate the LAI for isolated trees and continuous canopy crops
Coelho Filho, Maurício A.; Villa-Nova, Nilson A.; Angelocci, Luiz R.; Marin, Fábio R.; Righi, Ciro A.

 ·  Dynamics of vegetal cover for São João do Rio do Peixe Basin (Paraíba) using remote sensing
Cunha, John E. de B. L.; Rufino, Iana A. A.; Silva, Bernardo B. da; Chaves, Iêde de B.

 ·  Yield estimate of sugarcane in main producing regions of Minas Gerais using the AEZ method
Oliveira, Robson A.; Santos, Roziane S. dos; Ribeiro, Aristides; Zolnier, Sérgio; Barbosa, Márcio H. P.

 Environmental Control and Management
 ·  Application of multivariate statistical analysis in the study of water quality in the Pomba River (MG)
Guedes, Hugo A. S.; Silva, Demetrius D. da; Elesbon, Abrahão A. A.; Ribeiro, Celso B. M.; Matos, Antonio T. de; Soares, José H. P.

 ·  Sorption, degradation and leaching of the insecticide thiamethoxam in two soils of Mato Grosso do Sul
Scorza Júnior, Rômulo P.; Rigitano, Renê L. O.

 Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products
 ·  Drying kinetics of crambe seeds
Faria, Rute Q. de; Teixeira, Itamar R.; Devilla, Ivano A.; Ascheri, Diego P. R.; Resende, Osvaldo

 Automation and Instrumentation
 ·  Penetrometer studies: new equipaments and correct sampling
Molin, José P.; Dias, Carlos T. dos S.; Carbonera, Lucelha