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Revista Latinoamericana de Psicopatologia Fundamental
Print version ISSN 1415-4714


Table of contents
Rev. latinoam. psicopatol. fundam. vol.15 no.2 São Paulo June 2012

 ·  Método clínico, ciência e subjetividade
Rudge, Ana Maria

 ·  The symptom in the psychotherapy of a dysphasic child: analysis of his dynamic function from a psychoanalytical perspective
Guillén, Julio C.; Dupuis-Gauthier, Catherine

 ·  Anorexia and melancholia
Lima, Mônica Assunção Costa

 ·  Symptomatic response in phobia: love fleeing from the encounter with jouissance
Mattos Filho, Caio de; Bastos, Angélica

 ·  Freud's interventions into the question of nervousness: the anxiety neurosis as George Beard's critique of the neurasthenic paradigm of modernity
Pizarro Obaid, Francisco

 ·  Considerations on early diagnosis in clinical work with autistic and psychotic children
Visani, Paola; Rabello, Silvana

 Mental Health
 ·  The process of working in clinical-institutional supervision at Brazilian psychosocial treatment centers, referred to as CAPS
Silva, Gilson Mafacioli da; Beck, Carmem Lúcia Colomé; Figueiredo, Ana Cristina Costa de; Prestes, Francine Cassol

 Observing Medicine
 ·  Syphilis from "normal exposure" and inoculation: a physician on the Tuskegee Study Team in Guatemala, 1946-1948
Reverby, Susan M.

 Classics of Psychopathology
 ·  Dubois d'Amiens and his systematic conception of hypochondria and hysteria in France
Maurissen, Sophie; Pereira, Mário Eduardo Costa

 ·  História filosófica da hipocondria e da histeria (1833)
d'Amiens, Frédéric Dubois

 History of Psychiatry
 ·  The origins of insane asylums in Brazil: two pioneer articles on Hospício de Pedro II (Pedro II Insane Asylum, Rio de Janeiro)
Teixeira, Manoel Olavo Loureiro; Ramos, Fernando A. de Cunha

 ·  O Hospício de Pedro II e os alienados no Brasil (1875)
Rey, Philippe-Marius

 ·  Uma visita ao Asilo de Pedro II no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (1880)
Jouin, François

 Book Reviews
 ·  Um bebê plural e falante
Bernardino, Leda Mariza Fischer

 Literary Moviments
 ·  Well, who was Sacher-Masoch, anyway?
França, Cassandra Pereira; Machado, Júlia de Sena