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Genetics and Molecular Biology
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Table of contents
Genet. Mol. Biol. vol.22 n.2 São Paulo June 1999

 Human and Medical Genetics
 ·  Heterogeneous ethnic distribution of the factor v leiden mutation
Franco, Rendrik F.; Elion, Jacques; Santos, Sidney E.B.; Araújo, Amélia G.; Tavella, Marli H.; Zago, Marco A.

 ·  A case of prenatal diagnosis of fetal hydantoin syndrome by ultrasound
Gollop, Thomaz Rafael; Salzo, Ivan

 ·  Genetics, surnames, grandparents' nationalities, and ethnic admixture in Southern Brazil: Do the patterns of variation coincide?
Dornelles, C.L.; Callegari-Jacques, S.M.; Robinson, W.M.; Weimer, T.A.; Franco, M.H.L.P.; Hickmann, A.C.; Geiger, C.J.; Salzano, F.M.

 ·  Genetical-demographic data from two amazonian populations composed of descendants of african slaves: Pacoval and Curiau
Guerreiro, João Farias; Ribeiro-dos-Santos, Ândrea Kely Campos; Santos, Eduardo José Melo dos; Vallinoto, Antonio Carlos Rosário; Cayres-Vallinoto, Izaura Maria Vieira; Aguiar, Gilberto Ferreira de Souza; Santos, Sidney Emanuel Batista dos

 ·  Diagnosis of the fragile X syndrome in males using methylation-specific PCR of the FMRI locus
Pena, Sérgio D.J.; Sturzeneker, Rosane

 ·  A simple procedure for rehybridization of nuclei analyzed previously by fish
Carvalho-Salles, Andréa Borduchi; Barril, Nilce; Tajara, Eloiza Helena

 Animal Genetics
 ·  Genetic and phenotypic parameters of productivity traits on the first three lactations in Gyr cattle herds
Albuquerque, Maria do Socorro Maués; Freitas, Maria Armênia Ramalho de; Teodoro, Roberto Luiz

 ·  Genetic parameters for egg and related characteristics of white Leghorn hens in a subtropical environment
Sabri, Hani M.; Wilson, Henry R.; Harms, Robert H.; Wilcox, Charles J.

 ·  Description and comparison of growth parameters in Chianina and Nelore cattle breeds
Carrijo, Sônia Mara; Duarte, Francisco A. Moura

 ·  Critical electrolyte concentration of spermatozoal chromatin containing histone H1 variants
Falco, J.R.P.; Mello, M.L.S.

 ·  R- and G-band patterns in Astyanax scabripinnis paranae (Pisces, Characiformes, Characidae)
Maistro, Edson Luis; Foresti, Fausto; Oliveira, Claudio

 ·  Temperature-dependent gonadal hybrid dysgenesis in Drosophila willistoni
Regner, Luciana P.; Abdelhay, Eliana; Rohde, Cláudia; Rodrigues, Jaqueline J.S.; Valente, Vera Lucia S.

 ·  Female competition in mate choice decreases fitness in flies (Drosophila pseudoobscura) from Colombia
Hoenigsberg, H.F.

 Mutation and Mutagenesis
 ·  Influence of novobiocin on g-irradiation G0-lymphocytes as analyzed by cytogenetic endpoints
Savoldi-Barbosa, Marcela; Sakamoto-Hojo, Elza T.; Takahashi, Catarina S.

 ·  Olive oil protects against chromosomal aberrations induced by doxorubicin in wistar rat bone marrow cells
Antunes, Lusânia Maria Greggi; Takahashi, Catarina Satie

 Plant Genetics
 ·  E6, a dominant gene conditioning early flowering and maturity in soybeans
Bonato, Emídio Rizzo; Vello, Natal Antonio

 ·  Genetic control of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) resistance to powdery mildew (Erysiphe polygoni)
Rezende, Viviane Ferreira; Ramalho, Magno Antonio Patto; Corte, Hercules Renato

 ·  Chromosome numbers for Anthurium and Philodendron spp. (Araceae) occurring in Bahia, Brazil
Cotias-de-Oliveira, Ana Lúcia Pires; Guedes, Maria Lenise Silva; Barreto, Ervene Cerqueira

 ·  Selection for later flowering in soybean (Glycine max L.Merrill) F2 populations cultivated under short day conditions
Oliveira, Antonio Carlos Baião de; Sediyama, Carlos Sigueyuki; Cruz, Cosme Damião

 ·  The partial circulant diallel cross at the interpopulation level
Miranda Filho, José B.; Vencovsky, Roland

 ·  Genetics of resistance to soybean cyst nematode, Heterodera glycines ichione (Race 3), in a brazilian soybean population
Mauro, Antonio Orlando; Oliveira, Antonio Luiz de; Mauro, Sonia Marli Z.

 ·  Did Sutton and Boveri propose the so-called Sutton-Boveri chromosome hypothesis?
Martins, L.A.-C.P.

 Thesis Abstracts
 Book Review