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Genetics and Molecular Biology
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Table of contents
Genet. Mol. Biol. vol.25 no.2 São Paulo  2002


 Human and Medical Genetics
 ·  Phenotypic and behavioral variability within Angelman Syndrome group with UPD
Fridman, Cintia; Varela, Monica C.; Valente, Kette; Marques-Dias, Maria J.; Koiffmann, Célia P.

 Animal Genetics
 ·  Microsatellites in Portuguese autochthonous horse breeds: usefulness for parentage testing
Luís, C.; Cothran, E.Gus; Oom, M.M.

 ·  Functional properties of the three hemoglobin phenotypes of Nelore cattle
Di Vito, A.; Schwantes, A.R.; Schwantes, M.L.B.

 ·  Indirect selection criteria against clean wool colour in Corriedale sheep and their effects on wool production traits
Benavides, M.V.; Maher, A.P.

 ·  Karyotypic characterization of Ramphastidae (Piciformes, Aves)
Castro, Márcio Siqueira; Recco-Pimentel, Shirlei M.; Rocha, Guaracy Tadeu

 ·  Estimating dispersal and gene flow in the neotropical freshwater turtle Hydromedusa maximiliani (Chelidae) by combining ecological and genetic methods
Souza, Franco L.; Cunha, Anderson F.; Oliveira, Marcos A.; Pereira, Gonçalo A.G.; Reis, Sérgio F. dos

 ·  Genetic components affecting embryonic developmental time of Drosophila melanogaster
Nascimento, Jurema Cruz do; Cruz, Ivana Beatrice Mânica da; Monjeló, Luiz Alberto; Oliveira, Alice Kalisz de

 ·  Mitochondrial DNA phylogeography of Brazilian populations of Drosophila buzzatii
Brito, Reinaldo A. de; Manfrin, Maura H.; Sene, Fabio M.

 ·  Isoenzyme variation in the leaf-cutting ants Acromyrmex heyeri and Acromyrmex striatus (Hymenoptera, formicidae)
Diehl, Elena; Cavalli-Molina, Suzana; Araújo, Aldo Mellender de

 Plant Genetics
 ·  Choice of common bean parents based on combining ability estimates
Machado, Cristina de Fátima; Santos, João Bosco dos; Nunes, Glauber Henrique de Sousa; Ramalho, Magno Antonio Patto

 ·  Characterization of Brazilian soybean cultivars using microsatellite markers
Priolli, Regina Helena Geribello; Mendes-Junior, Celso Teixeira; Arantes, Neylson Eustáquio; Contel, Eucleia Primo Betioli

 ·  Some AFLP amplicons are highly conserved DNA sequences mapping to the same linkage groups in two F2 populations of carrot
Santos, Carlos A.F.; Simon, Philipp W.

 ·  Cytotaxonomy of some species and of interspecific hybrids of Pennisetum (Poaceae, Poales)
Techio, Vânia Helena; Davide, Lisete Chamma; Pereira, Antônio Vander; Bearzoti, Eduardo

 ·  Genetic variability in common wheat germplasm based on coefficients of parentage
Bered, Fernanda; Barbosa-Neto, José F.; Carvalho, Fernando I.F. de

 Genetics of Microorganisms
 ·  Genetic diversity of Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) Populations in Brazil revealed by RAPD markers
Lima, L.H.C.; Campos, L.; Moretzsohn, M.C.; Návia, D.; Oliveira, M.R.V. de

 ·  Identification of new isolates of Bacillus thuringiensis using rep-PCR products and d-endotoxin electron microscopy
Lima, A.S.G.; Guidelli, A.M.; Abreu, I.L.; Lemos, M.V.F.

 ·  Genetic variation in the cuticle-degrading protease activity of the entomopathogen Metarhizium flavoviride
Pinto, Fabiana Gisele da Silva; Fungaro, Maria Helena Pelegrinelli; Ferreira, Josué Maldonado; Valadares-Inglis, Maria Cléria; Furlaneto, Marcia Cristina

 ·  Morphological characterization and genetic analysis of Drechslera teres isolates
Frazzon, A.P.G.; Matsumura, A.T.S.; Van Der Sand, S.T.

 ·  Intraspecific genetic diversity of Drechslera tritici-repentis as detected by random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis
Santos, Ana Maria Pujol Vieira dos; Matsumura, Aida T. Santos; Van Der Sand, Sueli Teresinha

 ·  Genetic variability in the endophytic fungus Guignardia citricarpa isolated from citrus plants
Glienke-Blanco, Chirlei; Aguilar-Vildoso, Carlos Ivan; Vieira, Maria Lúcia Carneiro; Barroso, Paulo Augusto Vianna; Azevedo, João Lúcio

 Thesis Abstracts