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Genetics and Molecular Biology
versão On-line ISSN 1678-4685


Genet. Mol. Biol. vol.33 no.2 São Paulo  2010

 Review Article
 ·  Genomic imbalances in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma identified by molecular cytogenetic techniques
Bellini, Marilanda Ferreira; Silva, Ana Elizabete; Varella-Garcia, Marileila

 ·  NS3 protease from flavivirus as a target for designing antiviral inhibitors against dengue virus
Natarajan, Satheesh

 Human and Medical Genetics
 ·  Inbreeding levels in Northeast Brazil: strategies for the prospecting of new genetic disorders
Santos, Silvana; Kok, Fernando; Weller, Mathias; Paiva, Francisco Rennan Lopes de; Otto, Paulo A.

 ·  Association of homocysteine and methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR C677T) gene polymorphism with coronary artery disease (CAD) in the population of North India
Tripathi, Rajneesh; Tewari, Satyendra; Singh, Prabhat Kumar; Agarwal, Sarita

 ·  Frequencies of BCR-ABL1 fusion transcripts among Sudanese chronic myeloid leukaemia patients
Osman, Emad-Aldin I.; Hamad, Kamal; Elmula, Imad M. Fadl; Ibrahim, Muntaser E.

 ·  Novel mutations in the TBX5 gene in patients with Holt-Oram Syndrome
Porto, Marianna P.R.; Vergani, Naja; Carvalho, Antonio Carlos C.; Cernach, Mirlene C.S.P.; Brunoni, Decio; Perez, Ana Beatriz A.

 Animal Genetics
 ·  Cytogenetic analysis of Astylus antis (Perty, 1830) (Coleoptera, Melyridae): Karyotype, heterochromatin and location of ribosomal genes
Mendes-Neto, Ernani de Oliveira; Vicari, Marcelo Ricardo; Campaner, Carlos; Nogaroto, Viviane; Artoni, Roberto Ferreira; Almeida, Mara Cristina

 ·  Meiotic chromosomes and nucleolar behavior in testicular cells of the grassland spittlebugs Deois flavopicta, Mahanarva fimbriolata and Notozulia entreriana (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha)
Castanhole, Márcia Maria Urbanin; Pereira, Luis Lênin Vicente; Souza, Hederson Vinicius de; Valério, José Raul; Barbosa, Leonardo Rodrigues; Itoyama, Mary Massumi

 ·  Cytogenetic characterization of Partamona cupira (Hymenoptera, Apidae) by fluorochromes
Marthe, Jefferson de Brito; Pompolo, Silvia das Graças; Campos, Lucio Antônio de Oliveira; Salomão, Tânia Maria Fernandes; Tavares, Mara Garcia

 ·  Thaptomys Thomas 1915 (Rodentia, Sigmodontinae, Akodontini) with karyotypes 2n = 50, FN = 48, and 2n = 52, FN = 52: two monophyletic lineages recovered by molecular phylogeny
Ventura, Karen; Silva, Maria José de Jesus; Yonenaga-Yassuda, Yatiyo

 ·  Cytogenetic analysis of three sea catfish species (Teleostei, Siluriformes, Ariidae) with the first report of Ag-NOR in this fish family
Nirchio, Mauro; Martinez, Emanuel Ricardo Monteiro; Foresti, Fausto; Oliveira, Claudio

 ·  Association of IGF-I gene polymorphisms with milk yield and body size in Chinese dairy goats
Deng, Chanjuan; Ma, Rongnuan; Yue, Xiangpeng; Lan, Xianyong; Chen, Hong; Lei, Chuzhao

 Plant Genetics
 ·  Genetic variation in the Solanaceae fruit bearing species lulo and tree tomato revealed by Conserved Ortholog (COSII) markers
Enciso-Rodríguez, Felix; Martínez, Rodrigo; Lobo, Mario; Barrero, Luz Stella

 ·  Relationship between epistasis and aggressiveness in resistance of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) to Phytophthora nicotianae
Bnejdi, Fethi; Saadoun, Morad; Allagui, Mohamed Bechir; Hanbury, Colin; El Gazzah, Mohamed

 ·  Molecular cloning and expression profiling of a chalcone synthase gene from hairy root cultures of Scutellaria viscidula Bunge
Lei, Wei; Tang, Shao-Hu; Luo, Ke-Ming; Sun, Min

 ·  A genomic analysis of disease-resistance genes encoding nucleotide binding sites in Sorghum bicolor
Cheng, Xiao; Jiang, Haiyang; Zhao, Yang; Qian, Yexiong; Zhu, Suwen; Cheng, Beijiu

 ·  Restoring pollen fertility in transgenic male-sterile eggplant by Cre/loxp-mediated site-specific recombination system
Cao, Bihao; Huang, Zhiyin; Chen, Guoju; Lei, Jianjun

 ·  Genetic divergence of rubber tree estimated by multivariate techniques and microsatellite markers
Gouvêa, Lígia Regina Lima; Rubiano, Luciana Benchimol; Chioratto, Alisson Fernando; Zucchi, Maria Imaculada; Gonçalves, Paulo de Souza

 ·  SSR and AFLP based genetic diversity of soybean germplasm differing in photoperiod sensitivity
Singh, Ram K.; Bhatia, Virendra S.; Bhat, K.V.; Mohapatra, Trilochan; Singh, Nagendra K.; Bansal, Kailash C.; Koundal, K.R.

 ·  A new approach for obtaining rapid uniformity in rice (Oryza sativa L.) via a 3x x 2x cross
Xing, Shaochen; Cai, Yuhong; Zhou, Kaida

 ·  Efficiency of IRAP and ITS-RFLP marker systems in accessing genetic variation of Pyrenophora graminea
Zein, Imad; Jawhar, Mohammed; Arabi, Mohammed Imad Eddin

 Genetics of Microorganisms
 ·  PhoR/PhoP two component regulatory system affects biocontrol capability of Bacillus subtilis NCD-2
Guo, Qinggang; Li, Shezeng; Lu, Xiuyun; Li, Baoqing; Ma, Ping

 ·  Distribution and biological role of the oligopeptide-binding protein (OppA) in Xanthomonas species
Oshiro, Elisa E.; Tavares, Milene B.; Suzuki, Celso F.; Pimenta, Daniel C.; Angeli, Claudia B.; Oliveira, Julio C.F. de; Ferro, Maria I.T.; Ferreira, Luis C.S.; Ferreira, Rita C.C.

 ·  Differential expression of pathogenicity- and virulence-related genes of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri under copper stress
Palmieri, Ana Carolina Basílio; Amaral, Alexandre Morais do; Homem, Rafael Augusto; Machado, Marcos Antonio

 ·  Molecular characterization of beta-tubulin from Phakopsora pachyrhizi, the causal agent of Asian soybean rust
Maciel, Talles Eduardo Ferreira; Freire, Maíra Cristina Menezes; Almeida, Álvaro M.R. de; Oliveira, Luiz Orlando de

 ·  Dietary carotenoid-rich oil supplementation improves exercise-induced anisocytosis in runners: influences of haptoglobin, MnSOD (Val9Ala), CAT (21A/T) and GPX1 (Pro198Leu) gene polymorphisms in dilutional pseudoanemia ("sports anemia")
Miranda-Vilela, Ana L.; Akimoto, Arthur K.; Alves, Penha C.Z.; Pereira, Luiz C.S.; Klautau-Guimarães, Maria N.; Grisolia, Cesar K.

 ·  Non-homologous DNA end joining in normal and cancer cells and its dependence on break structures
Poplawski, Tomasz; Pastwa, Elzbieta; Blasiak, Janusz

 ·  Nuclear anomalies in the buccal cells of calcite factory workers
Diler, Songül Budak; Ergene, Serap

 Evolutionary Genetics
 ·  Genetic variation and evolutionary demography of Fenneropenaeus chinensis populations, as revealed by the analysis of mitochondrial control region sequences
Kong, Xiao Yu; Li, Yu Long; Shi, Wei; Kong, Jie

 ·  Comparative study on the use of specific and heterologous microsatellite primers in the stingless bees Melipona rufiventris and M. mondury (Hymenoptera, Apidae)
Lopes, Denilce Meneses; Campos, Lúcio Antônio de Oliveira; Salomão, Tânia Maria Fernandes; Tavares, Mara Garcia

 ·  Variation and genetic structure of Melipona quadrifasciata Lepeletier (Hymenoptera, Apidae) populations based on ISSR pattern
Nascimento, Marcília A.; Batalha-Filho, Henrique; Waldschmidt, Ana M.; Tavares, Mara G.; Campos, Lucio A.O.; Salomão, Tânia M.F.

 Genomics and bioinformatics
 ·  Comparison between simulated annealing algorithms and rapid chain delineation in the construction of genetic maps
Nascimento, Moysés; Cruz, Cosme Damião; Peternelli, Luiz Alexandre; Campana, Ana Carolina Mota

 ·  Translational selection on SHH genes
Hajjari, Mohammadreza; Saffar, Behnaz; Khoshnevisan, Atefeh