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Genetics and Molecular Biology
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Genet. Mol. Biol. vol.35 no.2 São Paulo  2012

 Review Article
 ·  Uniparental genetic markers in South Amerindians
Bisso-Machado, Rafael; Bortolini, Maria Cátira; Salzano, Francisco Mauro

 ·  On S.N. Bernstein's derivation of Mendel's Law and 'rediscovery' of the Hardy-Weinberg distribution
Stark, Alan; Seneta, Eugene

 ·  Taxonomic and evolutionary analysis of Zaprionus indianus and its colonization of Palearctic and Neotropical regions
Commar, Leliane Silva; Galego, Luis Gustavo da Conceição; Ceron, Carlos Roberto; Carareto, Claudia Marcia Aparecida

 Human and Medical Genetics
 ·  CYP1A1 genotypes and haplotypes and risk of oral cancer: a case-control study in South Indians
Balaji, Lakshmi; Singh, Krishna Balaji; Bhaskar, Lakkakula V.K.S.

 ·  Association of the TCF7L2 rs12255372 (G/T) variant with type 2 diabetes mellitus in an Iranian population
Alami, Faranak Mahmoudi; Ahmadi, Mehran; Bazrafshan, Hamidreza; Tabarraei, Alijan; Khosravi, Ayyoob; Tabatabaiefar, Mohammad Amin; Samaei, Nader Mansour

 ·  Evaluation of oxidative stress markers and cardiovascular risk factors in Fabry Disease patients
Müller, Karen B.; Galdieri, Luciano C.; Pereira, Vanessa G.; Martins, Ana M.; D'Almeida, Vânia

 ·  A patient presenting a 22q13 deletion associated with an apparently balanced translocation t(16;22): an illustrative case in the investigation of patients with low ARSA activity
Artigalás, Osvaldo; Paskulin, Giorgio; Riegel, Mariluce; Burin, Maira; Saraiva-Pereira, Maria Luiza; Maluf, Sharbel; Kiss, Andrea; Schwartz, Ida Vanessa D.

 ·  Genetic variants and haplotypes of the UGT1A9, 1A7 and 1A1 genes in Chinese Han
Zhang, Xiaoqing; Ao, Guokun; Wang, Yuewen; Yan, Wei; Wang, Min; Chen, Erfei; Yang, Fangfang; Yang, Jin

 Animal Genetics
 ·  Genetic diversity of tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) and dopamine b-hydroxylase (DBH) genes in cattle breeds
Lourenco-Jaramillo, Diana Lelidett; Sifuentes-Rincón, Ana María; Parra-Bracamonte, Gaspar Manuel; Rosa-Reyna, Xochitl Fabiola de la; Segura-Cabrera, Aldo; Arellano-Vera, Williams

 Plant Genetics
 ·  Relationship between leaf stages and epistasis for resistance to Stagonospora nodorum in durum wheat
Bnejdi, Fethi; Saadoun, Mourad; Naouari, Mouna; El Gazzah, Mohamed

 ·  Molecular evolution of the ent-kaurenoic acid oxidase gene in Oryzeae
Yang, Yanhua; Chen, Keping

 ·  Hypomethylation of cytosine residues in cold-sensitive regions of Cestrum strigilatum (Solanaceae)
Guarido, Paula Carolina Paes; Paula, Adriano Alves de; Silva, Carlos Roberto Maximiano da; Rodriguez, Carmen; Vanzela, André Luís Laforga

 ·  Evolutionary history of the Tip100 transposon in the genus Ipomoea
Christoff, Ana-Paula; Loreto, Elgion L.S.; Sepel, Lenira M.N.

 ·  Chitinase activities, scab resistance, mycorrhization rates and biomass of own-rooted and grafted transgenic apple
Schäfer, Tina; Hanke, Magda-Viola; Flachowsky, Henryk; König, Stephan; Peil, Andreas; Kaldorf, Michael; Polle, Andrea; Buscot, François

 ·  Genetic divergence among populations and accessions of the spineless peach palm from Pampa Hermosa landrace used in the heart-of-palm agribusiness in Brazil
Alves-Pereira, Alessandro; Clement, Charles R.; Picanço-Rodrigues, Doriane

 Genetics of Microorganisms
 ·  Evidence that the Ceratobasidium-like white-thread blight and black rot fungal pathogens from persimmon and tea crops in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest agroecosystem are two distinct phylospecies
Ceresini, Paulo C.; Costa-Souza, Elaine; Zala, Marcello; Furtado, Edson L.; Souza, Nilton L.

 ·  Genotoxic effects of Tabebuia impetiginosa (Mart. Ex DC.) Standl. (Lamiales, Bignoniaceae) extract in Wistar rats
Lemos, Odilon A.; Sanches, Júlio C.M.; Silva, Ícaro E.F.; Silva, Márcio L.A.; Vinhólis, Adriana H.C.; Felix, Mireille A.P.; Santos, Raquel A.; Cecchi, Andréa O.

 ·  The influence of organic solvents on estimates of genotoxicity and antigenotoxicity in the SOS chromotest
Quintero, Nathalia; Stashenko, Elena E.; Fuentes, Jorge Luis

 Evolutionary Genetics
 ·  Comparative mapping reveals quantitative trait loci that affect spawning time in coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)
Araneda, Cristian; Díaz, Nelson F.; Gomez, Gilda; López, María Eugenia; Iturra, Patricia

 ·  Mitochondrial genetic variability of Didelphis albiventris (Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae) in Brazilian localities
Sousa, Luciene C.C.; Gontijo, Célia M.F.; Botelho, Helbert A.; Fonseca, Cleusa G.

 Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Genetics
 ·  Combination of meta-analysis and graph clustering to identify prognostic markers of ESCC
Gao, Hongyun; Wang, Lishan; Cui, Shitao; Wang, Mingsong

 ·  Silencing of the integrin-linked kinase gene suppresses the proliferation, migration and invasion of pancreatic cancer cells (Panc-1)
Zhu, Xiang-Yu; Liu, Ning; Liu, Wei; Song, Shao-Wei; Guo, Ke-Jian

 Genomics and bioinformatics
 ·  The complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the black-capped capuchin (Cebus apella)
Bi, Xiao-xin; Huang, Ling; Jing, Mei-dong; Zhang, Li; Feng, Pei-yong; Wang, Ai-yun