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Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial
Print version ISSN 1415-5419


Table of contents
Rev. Dent. Press Ortodon. Ortop. Facial vol.9 no.3 Maringá May/June 2004

 ·  Otimismo e trabalho!

 ·  Marcelo Marigo
Reis, Silvia Augusta Braga; Maltagliati, Liliana Ávila

 Unpublished Articles
 ·  Nasopharyngeal reduction influence in facial morphology of preadolescents
Santos-Pinto, Ary dos; Paulin, Ricardo Fabris; Melo, Ana Cláudia Moreira; Martins, Lídia Parsekian

 ·  A study of facial transverse dimensions, in postero-anterior teleradiography in mouth breather individuals with normal occlusion and malloclusion classe I of angle
Daniel, Rosemári Fistarol; Tanaka, Orlando; Essenfelder, Luiz Renato C.

 ·  Straight-wire base brackets curvature: analysis of four differents manufactures
Gontijo, Luciana de Paula; Mazzieiro, Enio Tonani; Landre Júnior, Janes

 ·  Facial frontal analysis in rest position and maximun smile in standardized photoghaphs
Colombo, Vera Lúcia; Moro, Alexandre; Rech, Régis; Verona, Janaína; Costa, Gilce C. Alves da

 ·  The effect of the alteration the natural head position (NHP) on the cephalometric measurements
Negreiros, Paulo Eduardo; Siqueira, Vânia Célia Vieira de

 ·  The gengival invagination and the orthodontic space closure of extractions: a clinical conduct
Ribeiro, Gerson U.; Thys, Daniela G.; Tanaka, Orlando; Locks, Arno; Sória, Marina L.

 ·  Analysis of tooth size discrepancy in patients of Rio de Janeiro State University orthodontic clinic
Motta, Alexandre Trindade Simões da; Rodrigues, Samira; Quintão, Cátia C. Abdo; Capelli Jr., Jonas

 ·  Cephalometric evaluation of Angle Class II division 1 treatment with Kloehn extraoral and edgewise fixed appliance: facial pattern influence
Martins, Lídia Parsekian; Pinto, Ary dos Santos; Gandini Júnior, Luiz Gonzaga; Melo, Ana Claudia Moreira; Martins, Renato Parsekian

 ·  Evaluation of the resistance to traction of orthodontic devices - bracket, bouton and frame - bonded in premolar with autopolimerizable resin. "in vitro" study
Moura, Walter Leal de; Moreira, Thaís Cristina Araújo; Teles, João Batista Mendes

 ·  Oral microflora chemical control in cleft lip and palate patients during orthodontic-surgical treatment pilot study
Silva, Alcion Alves; Carlini, João Luiz; Kusma, Solena Ziemer

 Publishing Articles
 ·  Transversal growth and development of the jaws - news opportunities for mandibular expansion
Araujo, Adriano Marotta; Buschang, Peter H.

 Special Topic
 ·  The maxillary interincisal diastema: how and when treat?
Almeida, Renato Rodrigues de; Garib, Daniela Gamba; Almeida-Pedrin, Renata Rodrigues de; Almeida, Marcio Rodrigues de; Pinzan, Arnaldo; Junqueira, Marisa Helena Zingaretti