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Revista Brasileira de Plantas Medicinais
On-line version ISSN 1983-084X


Table of contents
Rev. bras. plantas med. vol.11 no.1 Botucatu  2009

Storage conditions and periods and imbibition times in anise (Pimpinella anisum L.) seed germination
Takahashi, L.S.A.T.; Souza, J.R.P.; Yoshida, A.E.; Rocha, J.N.

Establishment of cell suspension cultures and flavonoid identification in Cordia verbenacea DC.
Lameira, O.A.; Pinto, J.E.B.P.; Cardoso, M.G.; Arrigoni-Blank, M.F.

Phenology of Lafoensia pacari A.St.-Hil. (Lythraceae) in Barra do Garças, Mato Grosso State, Brazil
Santos, L.W.; Coelho, M.F.B.; Pirani, F.R.

Nutrients affecting "alecrim-pimenta" (Lippia sidoides Cham.) seedlings and their arthropods
Silva, F.W.S.; Leite, G.L.D.; Guanabens, R.E.M.; Martins, E.R.; Matioli, A.L.; Fernandes, L.A.

Ecogeographic study of "poaia" Psychotria ipecacuanha (Brot.) Stokes
Martins, E.R.; Oliveira, L.O.; Maia, J.T.L.S.; Vieira, I.J.C.

Influence of indolebutyric acid on "alecrim-pimenta" (Lippia sidoides) rooting bed under controlled humidity
Figueiredo, L.S.; Bonfim, F.P.G.; Ferraz, E.O.; Castro, C.E.; Souza, M. F.; Martins, E. R.

Ectoparasite load alteration in Holstein cows fed with different garlic (Allium sativum L.) levels
Massariol, P.B.; Olivo, C.J.; Richards, N.; Agnolin, C.A.; Meinerz, G.R.; Both, J.F.; Faccio, L.; Hohenreuther, F.; Martinelli, S.

Variation in essential oil yield and chemical composition of whole and powdered "atroveran" (Ocimum selloi Benth.) leaves under storage conditions
Costa, L.C.B.; Pinto, J.E.B.P.; Bertolucci, S.K.V.; Alves, P.B.; Evangelino, T.S.

Antibacterial activity of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis A.St.-Hil.) extracts
Girolometto, G.; Avancini, C.A.M.; Carvalho, H.H.C.; Wiest, J.M.

Biometric, anatomical and physiological aspects of Artemisia vulgaris L. grown under colored screens
Oliveira, M.I.; Castro, E.M.; Costa, L.C.B.; Oliveira, C.

Enterolobium schomburgkii (Benth.) Benth. seed germination under saline stress and polyamine application
Braga, L.F.; Sousa, M.P.; Almeida, T.A.

In vitro inhibition and inactivation of different extraction methods in Ocimum gratissimum L. ("alfavacão", "alfavaca", "alfavaca-cravo") - Labiatae (Lamiaceae) against foodborne bacteria of interest
Passos, M.G.; Carvalho, H.; Wiest, J.M.

In vitro antimicrobial effect of jabuticaba [Myrciaria cauliflora (Mart.)O.Berg] extract on Streptococcus from the oral cavity
Carvalho, C.M.; Macedo-Costa, M.R.; Pereira, M.S.V.; Higino, J.S.; Carvalho, L.F.P.C.; Costa, L.J.

Cultural, economic and social characterization of herb sellers and post-harvest procedures of medicinal plants commercialized in Maceió, Alagoas State, Brazil
Araújo, A.C.; Silva, J.P.; Cunha, J.L.X.L.; Araújo, J.L.O.

 ·  Biological activity and indole alkaloids of the genus Aspidosperma (Apocynaceae): a review
Oliveira, V.B.; Freitas, M.S.M.; Mathias, L.; Braz-Filho, R.; Vieira, I.J.C.

 ·  Representations of pregnant women on the use of medicinal plants
Rangel, M.; Bragança, F.C.R.

 Nota Prévia
 ·  Number of chromosomes, microsporogenesis and pollen viability in populations of Hyptis mutabilis (Rich.) Briq.
Fachinetto, J.M.; Tedesco, S.B.