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Revista Brasileira de Plantas Medicinais
On-line version ISSN 1983-084X


Table of contents
Rev. bras. plantas med. vol.13 no.1 Botucatu  2011

Evaluation of the antifungal effect of oleoresin and essential oil of copaiba (Copaifera multijuga Hayne)
Deus, R.J.A; Alves, C.N; Arruda, M.S.P

Yield, chemical composition and antilisterial activity of essential oils from Cymbopogon species
Oliveira, M.M.M; Brugnera, D.F; Cardoso, M.G; Guimarães, L.G.L; Piccoli, R.H

Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory activity of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) in rodents
Zanusso-Junior, G; Melo, J.O; Romero, A.L; Dantas, J.A; Caparroz-Assef, S.M; Bersani-Amado, C.A; Cuman, R.K.N

Genetic divergence study by morphologic traits among mentrasto (Ageratum conyzoides L.) accessions collected in the state of Tocantins in different period
Castro, H.G; Santos, G.R; Momenté, V.G; Silva, D.J.H; Ribeiro Júnior, J.I

Cytokinin influence on Mentha x gracilis Sole micropropagation
Garlet, T.M.B; Flores, R; Messchmidt, A.A

Seedling production of two "alecrim-de-tabuleiro" (Lippia gracilis Schauer) genotypes under mineral fertilizer, limestone, substrates and containers
Oliveira, A.C.L; Arrigoni-Blank, M.F; Blank, A.F; Bianchini, F.G

Leaf morphoanatomy of Myrcia multiflora (Lam.) DC. - Myrtaceae
Donato, A.M; Morretes, B.L

Cutting of Cuphea calophylla subsp. mesostemon (Koehne) Lourteig (Lythraceae)
Lusa, M.G; Biasi, L.A

Bioregulator and priming on seed germination and initial growth of "carobinha" (Jacaranda decurrens subsp. symmetrifoliolata Farias & Proença - Bignoniaceae) seedlings
Kissmann, C; Scalon, S.P.Q; Scalon Filho, H; Vieira, M.C

Evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of Maytenus rigida Mart. (Celastraceae)
Santos, V.L; Souza, M.F.V; Batista, L.M; Silva, B.A; Lima, M.S; Souza, A.M.F; Barbosa, F.C; Catão, R.M.R

Vegetative propagation of Hyptis leucocephala Mart. ex Benth. and Hyptis platanifolia Mart. ex Benth
Oliveira, L.M; Nepomuceno, C.F; Freitas, N.P; Pereira, D.M.S; Silva, G.C; Lucchese, A.M

Essential oil yield and composition of ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) rhizomes after different drying periods
Dabague, I.C.M; Deschamps, C; Mógor, A.F; Scheer, A.P; Côcco, L

Seasonal variation in the phenol content of Eugenia uniflora L. leaves
Santos, R.M; Oliveira, M.S; Ferri, P.H; Santos, S.C

Evaluation of organic substrates on mint (Mentha gracilis R. Br. and Mentha x villosa Huds.) seedling production
Paulus, D; Valmorbida, R; Toffoli, E; Paulus, E; Garlet, T.M.B

 ·  Plants with possible hypolipidemic activity: a review of books published in Brazil between 1998 and 2008
Pizziolo, V.R; Brasileiro, B.G; Oliveira, T.T; Nagem, T.J

 Nota Prévia
 ·  Preliminary evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of "erva mate" (Ilex paraguariensis A. St. - Hil.) extract obtained by using supercritical CO2
Carelli, G; Macedo, S.M.D; Valduga, A.T; Corazza, M.L; Oliveira, J.V; Franceschi, E; Vidal, R; Jaskulski, M.R

 ·  Germinative behavior of Pothomorphe umbellata (L.) Miq. seeds of different colors
Maia-Almeida, C.I; Cavariani, C; Oliveira, P.F.C; Ming, L.C; Mattana, R.S; Lima, L.P