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Revista Brasileira de Plantas Medicinais
On-line version ISSN 1983-084X


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Rev. bras. plantas med. vol.14 no.3 Botucatu  2012

Medicinal plants cultivated in homegardens of rural communities in the domain of Cerrado in Piaui (Demerval Lobão Municipality, Piauí State, Brazil)
Aguiar, L.C.G.G.; Barros, R.F.M.

Etest to confirm the action potential of plant hydroglycol extracts on Candida sp. (Berkhout)
Glehn, E.A.V.; Rodrigues, G.P.S.

Antimicrobial activity of essential oils on the in vitro control of some fungal phytopathogens and on seed treatment
Hillen, T.; Schwan-Estrada, K.R.F.; Mesquini, R.M.; Cruz, M.E.S.; Stangarlin, J.R.; Nozaki, M.

Calcium and plant growth regulators on the development and nutritional status of Mentha spicata x suaveolens cultivated in nutrient solution
Pichi, D.G.; Almeida, A.C.S.; Jamami, N.; Salvi Júnior, A.; Sacramento, L.V.S.

Extraction yield of coumarin from guaco (Mikania glomerata Sprengel) leaves subjected to different drying temperatures
Radünz, L.L.; Melo, E.C.; Barbosa, L.C.A.; Rocha, R.P.; Berbert, P.A.

Effect of BAP on in vitro culture of Ocimum selloi Benth
Monfort, L.E.F.; Pinto, J.E.B.P.; Bertolucci, S.K.V.; Rossi, Z.T.T.; Santos, F.M.

Evaluation of Ottonia martiana Miq. alcoholic extract to control two forest diseases
Cunico, M.M.; Auer, C.G.; Côcco, L.C.; Yamamoto, C.I.; Miguel, M.D.; Miguel, O.G.; Vieira, G.; Sanquetta, C.R.

Stem cutting of Ipomoea cairica (L.) Sweet
Tognon, G.B.; Petry, C.

Diversity and use of medicinal resources of "carrasco" in the EPA of Serra da Ibiapaba, Piauí, Northeast Brazil
Chaves, E.M.F.; Barros, R.F.M.

Allelopathic effects of leaves of "bamburral" [Hyptis suaveolens (L.) Poit.] on the germination of seeds of sorghum (Sorghum vulgare Pers. ), radish (Raphanus sativus L.) and lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)
Rodrigues, A.C.; Artioli, F.A.; Polo, M.; Barbosa, L.C.A.; Beijo, L.A.

Evaluation of the phytotoxic activity focused on the allelopathic effect of the extract from the bark of Celtis iguanaea (Jacq.) Sargent Ulmaceae and purification of two terpenes
Trevisan, R.R.; Lima, C.P.; Miyazaki, C.M.S.; Pesci, F.A.; Silva, C.B.; Hirota, B.C.K.; Lordello, A.L.L.; Miguel, O.G.; Miguel, M.D.; Zanin, S.M.W.

Validation of analytical methodology for the determination of derivatives of o-hydroxycinnamic acid from Echinodorus grandiflorus
Lopes, G.C.; Santos, P.V.P.; Diciaula, M.C.; Blainski, A.; Gutierre, M.A.M.; Mello, J.C.P.

Fruit production for medicinal use in Bromelia antiacantha ("caraguatá"): foundations for sustainable extraction
Filippon, S.; Fernandes, C.D.; Ferreira, D.K.; Duarte, A.S.; Reis, M.S.

Drying kinetics of leaves of Solanum lycocarpum A. St.-Hil. (wolf apple)
Prates, M.F.O.; Reis, R.C.; Devilla, I.A.; Faria, R.Q.; Lima Junior, A.F.

Antiviral activity of commercially available medicinal plants on suid and bovine herpesviruses
Kaziyama, V.M.; Fernandes, M.J.B.; Simoni, I.C.

Stem cuttings of "guaçatonga" (Casearia sylvestris Swartz) in the four seasons of the year with the use of different IBA concentrations
Spandre, P.; Zanette, F.; Biasi, L.A.; Koheler, H.S.; Niesing, P.C.

Problems associated with the use of medicinal plants commercialized in "Mercadão de Madureira", Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil
Bochner, R.; Fiszon, J.T.; Assis, M.A.; Avelar, K.E.S.

Botanical and chemical identification of plant species of popular use in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Félix-Silva, J.; Tomaz, I.M.; Silva, M.G.; Santos, K.S.C.R.; Silva-Júnior, A.A.; Carvalho, M.C.R.D.; Soares, L.A.L.; Fernandes-Pedrosa, M.F.

Garlic extract in the in vitro and in vivo control of anthracnose of grapevine
Leite, C.D.; Maia, A.J.; Botelho, R.V.; Faria, C.M.D.R.; Machado, D.

Microbiological control of medicinal drugs commercialized in the central region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Gindri, A. L.; Laporta, L. V.; Santos, M. R.