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Materials Research
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Mat. Res. vol.4 no.4 São Carlos Oct. 2001

 ·  Materials Research: Revista Ibero-americana de Materiais

 Original Articles
 ·  Densification studies of silicon carbide-based ceramics with yttria, silica and alumina as sintering additives
Marchi, J.; Bressiani, J.C.; Bressiani, A.H.A.

 ·  475 °C Embrittlement in a duplex stainless steel UNS S31803
Tavares, S.S.M.; Noronha, R.F. de; Silva, M.R. da; Neto, J.M.; Pairis, S.

 ·  Electrochemical and optical properties of CeO2-SnO2 and CeO2-SnO2:X (X = Li, C, Si) films
Berton, Marcos A.C.; Avellaneda, César O.

 ·  Influence of the radial spacing between cathodes on the surface composition of iron samples sintered by hollow cathode electric discharge
Brunatto, S.F.; Kühn, I.; Muzart, J.L.R.

 ·  Influence of the elastomeric polypropylene addition on the properties of commercial metallocenic polypropylene
Marques, Maria de Fátima V.; Poloponsky, Mariana; Chaves, Érica Gervasoni

 ·  Estudio de la formacion de los complejos intermedios durante la sintesis de alumina
Rodríguez-Páez, J.E.; Villaquirán, C.; Cobo, J.

 ·  Naturaleza y formación de los complejos intermedios del sistema SnCl2 - NH4OH - H2O
Ortiz, A.; Mendoza, M.; Rodríguez Paez, J.E.

 ·  Development of a new standard procedure for the evaluation of composite abrasive wear
Bianchi, Eduardo Carlos; Silva, Eraldo Jannone da; Monici, Rodrigo Daun; Xavier, Alexandre Pegoraro; Freitas, César Antunes de; Bianchi, Ana Rita Rodrigues

 ·  Effect of rheological properties of zircon-alumina suspensions on density of green casts
Garrido, L.B.; Aglietti, E.F.

 ·  Assessing wear and surface roughness of different composite resins after toothbrushing
Chimello, D.T.; Dibb, R.G.P.; Corona, S.A.M.; Lara, E.H.G.

 ·  Hot-pressed transparent PLZT ceramics from low cost chemical processing
Santos, I.A.; Endo, C.; Zanin, A.L.; Lente, M.H.; Eiras, J.A.; Garcia, D.

 ·  Evaluation of paper industry wastes in construction material applications
Gemelli, Enori; Camargo, Nelson Heriberto Almeida; Brescansin, Janaína

 ·  Leaching of a gold bearing partially roasted sulphide. Laboratory scale studies
Almeida, M.F.

 ·  A procedure to estimate the dynamic damped behavior of fiber reinforced composite beams submitted to flexural vibrations
Tita, Volnei; Carvalho, Jonas de; Lirani, João