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Materials Research
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Mat. Res. vol.5 no.2 São Carlos June 2002

 Articles presented at the IV Coloquio Latinoamericano de Fractura y Fadiga
 ·  Mezzo-scopic Analysis of Fracture Toughness in Steels
Miyata, Takashi; Tagawa, Tetsuya

 ·  Effect of a Shot Peening Pre Treatment on the Fatigue Behaviour of Hard Chromium on Electroless Nickel Interlayer Coated AISI 4340 Aeronautical Steel
Nascimento, Marcelino P.; Torres, Marcelo A.S.; Souza, Renato C.; Voorwald, Herman J.C.

 ·  Estimation of the Plain High-Cycle Fatigue Propagation Resistance in Steels
Chapetti, Mirco D.

 ·  Stress Corrosion Cracking of Zircaloy-4 in Halide Solutions: Effect of Temperature
Farina, S.B.; Duffo, G.S.; Galvele, J.R.

 ·  Quantification of Damage Progression in a Thermally Aged Duplex Stainless Steel
Hazarabedian, A.; Marini, B.

 ·  Determination of CTODC in Fibre Metal Laminates by ASTM and Schwalbe Methods
Castrodeza, E.M.; Rodrigues Touça, J.M.; Perez Ipiña, J.E.; Bastian, F.L.

 ·  Mechanical Properties Degradation at Room Temperature in ZRY-4 by Hydrogen Brittleness
Bertolino, G.; Meyer, G.; Perez Ipiña, J.

 ·  Local Approach to Fracture of an Aged Duplex Stainless Steel
Hazarabedian, Alfredo; Forget, Pierre; Marini, Bernard

 ·  Fractomechanical Properties of As-Cast and Austempered SG Cast Iron Between -40 °C and +20 °C
Fierro, V.E.; Sikora, J.A.; Agüera, F.R.; Alvarez Villar, H.N.; Ansaldi, A.F.; Ratto, P.J.J.

 Regular Articles
 ·  Activation Energy Measurement of Oxygen Ordering in a Nb-Ti Alloy by Anelastic Relaxation
Niemeyer, T.C.; Gimenez, J.M.A.; Almeida, L.H.; Grandini, C.R.; Florêncio, O.

 ·  Preparation and Characterization of Hydrous Zirconium Oxide Formed by Homogeneous Precipitation
Silva, G.L.J.P. da; Silva, M.L.C.P. da; Caetano, Tatiana

 ·  Calculo de Parámetros Electrónicos Para el Grafito Bernal
Villaquirán, Claudia; Gómez, Marisol; Luiggi, Ney

 ·  Characterization of Sintered and Sintered/Plasma-Nitrided Fe-1.5% Mo Alloy by SEM, X-Ray Diffraction and Electrochemical Techniques
Alves Neto, José de Pinho; Giacomelli, Cristiano; Klein, Aloísio Nelmo; Muzart, Joel Louis Rene; Spinelli, Almir

 ·  Determination of Total Acid in Palygorskite Chemically Modified by N-Butylamine Thermodesorption
Ruiz, Juan A.C.; Melo, Dulce M.A.; Souza, José R.; Alcazar, Leopoldo O.

 ·  Development of Bulk Bi2+xSr3-yCayCu 2O8+D Superconductors by Partial-Melting Route for Fault Current Limiters Application
Marinkovic, Bojan A.; Xia, Sike; Saléh, Luiz Antonio; Sens, Márcio; Serra, Eduardo Torres; Avillez, Roberto Ribeiro de; Assunção, Fernando Cosme Rizzo

 ·  The Inlet Engine Valves Grinding Using Different Types of Cutting Fluids and Grinding Wheels
Silva, Eraldo Jannone da; Bianchi, Eduardo Carlos; Oliveira, João Fernando Gomes de; Aguiar, Paulo Roberto de

 ·  RBS-study of GexSi1-x Compounds Formed by Variable Dose Ge Implantation into Si Wafers
Ramírez, A.; Zehe, A.; Thomas, A.

 ·  Poly(2-Furyl)Methylenesulfide as a Resin to Uptake of Metal Ions from Aqueous Solutions
Damasceno, J.; Gomes, C.A.T.; Rieumont, J.; Sanchez, R.

 ·  Elimination of Lubricants from Aluminum Cold Rolled Products Using Short Laser Pulses
Lima, M.S.F.; Wagnière, J.-D.; Morato, S.P.; Vieira Jr., N.D.