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Materials Research
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Mat. Res. vol.13 no.2 São Carlos Apr./June 2010

EDITORIAL: "Judicious and educative" This 47th issue of Materials Research contains 23 original articles, whereas around 100 are under review

 Regular Articles
 ·  Effect of welding current and voltage on the mechanical properties of wrought (6063) aluminium alloy
Oluwole, Oladele Isiaka; Ajibade, Omotoyinbo Joseph

 ·  Adsorption of mercury (II) from liquid solutions using modified activated carbons
Silva, Hugo Soé; Ruiz, Silvia Virginia; Granados, Dolly Lucía; Santángelo, Juan Manuel

 ·  Effect of steel fibers on plastic shrinkage cracking of normal and high strength concretes
Eren, Özgür; Marar, Khaled

 ·  An investigation on graphene and nanoclay effects on hybrid nanocomposites post fire dynamic behavior
Ávila, Antonio Ferreira; Dias, Eder Cesar; Cruz, Diego Thadeu Lopes da; Yoshida, Maria Irene; Bracarense, Alexandre Queiroz; Carvalho, Maria Gabriela Reis; Ávila Junior, José de

 ·  Mathematical model for timber decay in contact with the ground adjusted for the state of São Paulo, Brazil
Freitas, Roberto Ramos de; Molina, Julio Cesar; Calil Júnior, Carlito

 ·  Production and evaluation of recycled polymers from açaí fibers
Castro, Clívia Danúbia Pinho da Costa; Dias, Carmen Gilda Barroso Tavares; Faria, José de Assis Fonseca

 ·  Evaluation of cytotoxicity and degree of conversion of orthodontic adhesives over different time periods
Pithon, Matheus Melo; Santos, Rogério Lacerda dos; Martins, Fernanda Otaviano; Romanos, Maria Teresa Villela; Araújo, Mônica Tirre de Souza

 ·  Dual-curing, self-adhesive resin cement: influence of the polymerization modes on the degree of conversion and microhardness
Mendes, Luis Claudio; Matos, Irma Cunha; Miranda, Mauro Sayão; Benzi, Marcia Regina

 ·  Combined effect of sodium sulphate and superplasticizer on the hydration of fly ash blended Portland® cement
Kumar, Mukesh; Singh, Narendra Pratap; Singh, Sanjay Kumar; Singh, Nakshatra Bahadur

 ·  Study on properties of rice husk ash and its use as cement replacement material
Habeeb, Ghassan Abood; Mahmud, Hilmi Bin

 ·  Effect of slag composition on iron nuggets formation from carbon composite pellets
Nogueira, Alberto Eloy Anduze; Mourão, Marcelo Breda; Takano, Cyro; Santos, Dener Martins dos

 ·  Dielectric properties of microwave absorbing sheets produced with silicone and polyaniline
Folgueras, Luiza de Castro; Alves, Mauro Angelo; Rezende, Mirabel Cerqueira

 ·  Influence of tempered microstructures on the transformation behaviour of cold deformed and intercritically annealed medium carbon low alloy steel
Alaneme, Kenneth Kanayo

 ·  Porous biodegradable polyurethane nanocomposites: preparation, characterization, and biocompatibility tests
Dias, Regina Coeli Moreira; Góes, Alfredo Miranda; Serakides, Rogéria; Ayres, Eliane; Oréfice, Rodrigo Lambert

 ·  Thermoelastic properties on Cu-Zn-Al shape memory springs
Oliveira, Carlos Augusto do Nascimento; Gonzalez, Cezar Henrique; Araújo, Carlos José de; Araújo Filho, Oscar Olímpio de; Urtiga Filho, Severino Leopoldino

 ·  The microstructure of self-healed PVA ECC under wet and dry cycles
Yu, Jia Huan; Chen, Wei; Yu, Ming Xin; Hua, Yang En

 ·  Electro-thermomechanical properties of superelasticity in single crystals shape memory alloys
Gonzalez, Cezar Henrique; Oliveira, Carlos Augusto do Nascimento; Pina, Euclides Apolinário Cabral de; Urtiga Filho, Severino Leopoldino; Araújo Filho, Oscar Olimpio de

 ·  Characterization of the physical and mechanical properties of femoral bone defects filled with polyanionic collagen scaffolds in ovariectomized rats
Cunha, Marcelo Rodrigues; Santos Jr, Arnaldo Rodrigues; Petinari, Leandro; Goissis, Gilberto; Nonaka, Keico Okino; Wang, Charles Chenwei; Genari, Selma Candelária

 ·  Processing of high performance composites based on peek by aqueous suspension prepregging
Nohara, Liliana Burakowski; Costa, Michelle Leali; Alves, Mauro Angelo; Takahashi, Marta Ferreira Koyama; Nohara, Evandro Luís; Rezende, Mirabel Cerqueira

 ·  Influence of specimens' design and manufacturing process on microtensile bond strength to enamel: laboratory and FEA comparison
Sadek, Fernanda Tranchesi; Muench, Antônio; Poiate, Isis Andréa; Poiate Junior, Edgard; Cardoso, Paulo Eduardo Capel

 ·  Analysis of filler particle levels and sizes in dental alginates
Carlo, Hugo Lemes; Fonseca, Rodrigo Borges; Gonçalves, Luciano de Souza; Correr-Sobrinho, Lourenço; Soares, Carlos José; Sinhoreti, Mário Alexandre Coelho

 ·  Effect of particle size in the TL response of natural quartz sensitized by high dose of gamma radiation and heat-treatments
Carvalho Jr, Álvaro Barbosa de; Guzzo, Pedro Luiz; Sullasi, Henry Lavalle; Khoury, Helen Jamil

 ·  Influence of bioactive materials used on the dentin surface whitened with carbamide peroxide 16%
Pinheiro, Helena Burlamaqui; Lopes, Bruno; Klautau, Eliza Burlamaqui; Cardoso, Jomara; Silva, Bruna Rozzetti; Cardoso, Paulo Eduardo Capel