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Revista CEFAC
On-line version ISSN 1982-0216


Table of contents
Rev. CEFAC vol.9 no.2 São Paulo Apr./June 2007

Editorial I
Chiappetta, Ana Lúcia

Editorial II
Bernardi, Alice Penna de Azevedo

 ·  Temporal analysis of European Portuguese stops: a case study of normality and phonologically disturbance
Barroco, Mário André Lopes; Domingues, Marta Teresa Pedrosa; Pires, Maria de Fátima Marques de Oliveira; Lousada, Marisa; Jesus, Luis M. T.

 ·  Performance of individuals with Down's Syndrome in tests of phonological awareness applied with and without visual support of illustrations
Lara, Ana Teresa de Mello Camuzzo; Trindade, Silvia Helena de Rezende; Nemr, Katia

 ·  Stuttering and common dysfluency in childhood: analyses of clinical manifestations in their qualitative and quantitative aspects
Merçon, Suzana Maria de Amarante; Nemr, Katia

 ·  Phonological awareness and hierarchy of distinctive features determine speech therapy for phonological deviations
Spíndola, Rafaela de Almeida; Payão, Luzia Miscow da Cruz; Bandini, Heloísa Helena Motta

 Orofacial Myofunction
 ·  Comparative analysis of mastication in children with nasal and mouth breathing with first teething
Silva, Marta Assumpção de Andrada e; Natalini, Viviane; Ramires, Rosana Ribeiro; Ferreira, Léslie Piccolotto

 ·  Infant voices: the production of plosives by three-year-olds
Bonatto, Maria Teresa Rosangela Lofredo

 ·  Masseter muscle electromyographic assessment in subject with long lasting facial palsy
Rahal, Adriana; Goffi-Gomez, Maria Valéria Schmidt

 ·  Speech therapy and facial esthetic: cases studies
Paes, Carolina; Toledo, Paula Nunes; Silva, Hilton Justino da

 ·  Vocal habits in two groups of aged
Soares, Elisângela Barros; Borba, Dafne Torres; Barbosa, Thalita Karina; Medved, Daniela Malta; Montenegro, Ana Cristina de Albuquerque

 ·  The use of pauses in different styles of TV programs
Cotes, Cláudia

 ·  Acoustic analysis of aging voice: fundamental frequency characterization
Mifune, Erika; Justino, Vanessa da Silva Saraiva; Camarg, Zuleica; Gregio, Fabiana

 ·  Vocal range in aged choristers and non-choristers
Rocha, Tatiana Fernandes; Amaral, Flávia Pinto; Hanayama, Eliana Midori

 ·  Vestibular evaluation in women with temporomandibular dysfunction
Zeigelboim, Bianca Simone; Jurkiewicz, Ari Leon; Martins-Bassetto, Jackeline; Klagenberg, Karlin Fabianne

 ·  Hearing aid: does it reduce the sensation of tinnitus?
Silva, Robson Caique Ferreira da; Bandini, Heloísa Helena Mota; Soares, Ilka do Amaral

 ·  Vestibular rehabilitation in elderly patients with Parkinson
Martins-Bassetto, Jackeline; Zeigelboim, Bianca Simone; Jurkiewicz, Ari Leon; Ribas, Angela; Rosa, Marine Raquel Diniz da