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Revista CEFAC
On-line version ISSN 1982-0216


Table of contents
Rev. CEFAC vol.10 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2008

Editorial I
Bianchini, Esther Mandelbaum Gonçalves; Chiappeta, Ana Lúcia

Editorial II
Russo, Iêda Chaves Pacheco

 ·  Acquisition and development language in premature triplets
Ferreira, Amanda Tragueta; Silva, Marcela Maria Alves da; Silva, Luciana; Merighi, Luciana Biral Mendes; Miranda, Andreza Monforte; De-Vitto, Luciana Paula Maximino; Lamônica, Dionísia Aparecida Cusin

 ·  A bilingualism case: a lexical, pragmatic and semantics construction
Ferronatto, Bianca Correia; Gomes, Erissandra

 ·  Analysis of phonological abilities awareness of second school children who became literate by different learning methodologies
Santos, Viviane Breda dos; Horta, Vanessa Ferreira; Lacerda, Carina Corrêa; Nemr, Kátia

 ·  Speech therapy clinic and the written language: case study
Guarinello, Ana Cristina; Massi, Giselle; Berberian, Ana Paula

 ·  The influence of phonological awareness in children taught to read and write with phonic and syllabic methods
Medeiros, Tatiana Gonçalves de; Oliveira, Elka Renata Costa

 Orofacial Myofunction
 ·  Occurrence of primary tongue movements in children with oronasal breathing
Sígolo, Cássia; Silveira, Michelly; Quintal, Maíra; Sakano, Eulália; Tessitore, Adriana

 ·  Characteristics of food consistence and speech production in children with normal occlusion and malocclusion related to tooth crowding
Pena, Cláudia Ribeiro; Pereira, Mônica Medeiros de Britto; Bianchini, Esther Mandelbaum Gonçalves

 ·  Neurophysiologic aspects of the facial musculature aiming at rehabilitation of Facial Paralysis
Tessitore, Adriana; Pfelsticker, Leopoldo Nisan; Paschoal, Jorge Rizzato

 ·  Acoustical analysis and perceptual ratings of voice before and after surgery for implantation of pre-fascia temporal muscle
Costa, Juliana de Oliveira; Gama, Ana Cristina Côrtes; Oliveira, João Batista de; Rezende Neto, Antônio Lobo de

 ·  Retrospective study of hearing impaired children and teenager: characterizing the etiologies and audiological aspects
Pupo, Altair Cadrobbi; Balieiro, Clay Rienzo; Figueiredo, Renata de Souza Lima

 ·  Auditory processing of servicemen exposed to occupational noise
Santos, Carla Cassandra de Souza; Juchem, Luiza de Salles; Rossi, Angela Garcia

 ·  Timpanometric findings: six-month-old infants
Melo, Juliana Jandre; Lewis, Dóris Ruth; Marchiori, Luciana Lozza de Moraes

 ·  Neonatal hearing screening: clinical applicability in the routine of the neonatologists pediatrician doctors
Soares, Carla Plech; Marques, Lauralice Raposo; Flores, Nayyara Glícia Calheiros

 ·  Hereditary hearing loss: case report
Amorim, Aline Mizozoe de; Carvalho, Carolina Alves Ferreira de; Azevedo, Marisa Frasson de; Longhitano, Silvia Bragagnolo

 Health Collection
 ·  Cup-feeding in kangaroo mother care
Lima, Vívian Passos; Melo, Adriana de Medeiros