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Revista CEFAC
On-line version ISSN 1982-0216


Table of contents
Rev. CEFAC vol.10 no.3 São Paulo  2008

Editorial I
Chiappetta, Ana Lúcia de Magalhães Leal; Bianchini, Esther Mandelbaum Gonçalves

Editorial II - Comunicação alternativa na fonoaudiologia: uma área em expansão
Gonçalves, Maria de Jesus

 ·  Speech and language pathologist importance in the attendance of individuals with congenital hypothyroidism
Gejão, Mariana Germano; Ferreira, Amanda Tragueta; Lamônica, Dionísia Aparecida Cusin

 ·  Occurrence of orthographic mistakes in case of cerebral pals
Bacha, Stella Maris Cortez

 ·  Speech-language aspects on Crouzon syndrome: case study
Gomes, Isabela; Limongi, Suelly Cecília Olivan; Neves, Ivone Ferreira; Couto, Maria Inês Vieira; Matas, Carla Gentile

 ·  Phonological therapy: the generalization inside a sound class and for other sound classes
Ceron, Marizete Ilha; Keske-Soares, Márcia

 ·  Characterizing spelling mistakes found in children with learning problems
Zorzi, Jaime Luiz; Ciasca, Sylvia Maria

 ·  Profile of readers-professors of the initial series and the reading practice in classroom
Barros, Tristana Nascimento; Gomes, Erissandra

 Orofacial Myofunction
 ·  Lingual frenulum: classification and conduct according to speech language pathologist, odontologist and otorhinolaryngologist perspective
Brito, Suellen Ferro de; Marchesan, Irene Queiroz; Bosco, Cyntia Monteiro de; Carrilho, Alessandra Caxeta Alves; Rehder, Maria Inês

 ·  Voiceless fricatives sounds
Cielo, Carla Aparecida; Casarin, Maísa Tatiana

 ·  Aspects of religiousness in the vocal health of worship group singers
Penteado, Regina Zanella; Silva, Cibelle Brito da; Pereira, Priscila Fabiana Agostinho

 ·  Auditory processing, temporal resolution and gap detection test: literature review
Samelli, Alessandra Giannella; Schochat, Eliane

 ·  Sentence recognition thresholds in silence in free field versus pure tone thresholds in individuals with hearing loss
Aurélio, Nilvia Herondina Soares; Becker, Karine Thaís; Padilha, Cristiane Bertolazi; Santos, Sinéia Neujahr dos; Petry, Tiago; Costa, Maristela Júlio

 ·  Head related transfer function relevance to sound source localization
Oliveira, Aline Cabral de; Netto, Leônidas da Silva Morais; Rocha, Luciana Pinto; Lima, Vivian Passos; Menezes, Pedro de Lemos

 ·  Ice air caloric test in chronic peripheral vestibular dysfunction with spontaneous nystagmus
Cabral, Flavia Silveira dos Santos; Ganança, Cristina Freitas; Ganança, Fernando Freitas; Ganança, Maurício Malavasi; Caovilla, Heloisa Helena

 ·  Positive focus in educational interventions in a hearing conservation program and its evaluation
Bramatti, Luciana; Morata, Thaís Catalani; Marques, Jair Mendes

 ·  The use of a specific maneuver to avoid alterations of the auditory thresholds caused by the collapse of the external acoustic meatus
Amaral, Luciana Karla Moreira; Ferreira, Flávia Helena Vasconcelos; Dias, Fernanda Abalen Martins