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Revista CEFAC
On-line version ISSN 1982-0216


Table of contents
Rev. CEFAC vol.10 no.4 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2008

Editorial I
Bianchini, Esther Mandelbaum Gonçalves; Chiappetta, Ana Lúcia de Magalhães Leal

Editorial II
Behlau, Mara

 ·  Effectiveness of teacher training in a school for students with special needs using Hanen method principles: see, listen and wait
Dall' Aqua, Maria de Fátima; Takiuchi, Noemi; Zorzi, Jaime Luiz

 ·  Verbal fluency test in adult and elderly: verification of verbal learning
Rodrigues, Adriana Bonachela; Yamashita, Érica Tiemi; Chiappetta, Ana Lúcia de Magalhães Leal

 ·  Phonological acquisition in socio-economical high-class children
Ferrante, Carla; Van Borsel, John; Pereira, Mônica Medeiros de Britto

 ·  Type of stimulus and phonological working memory
Lobo, Fernanda Senna; Acrani, Isabela Olszanski; Ávila, Clara Regina Brandão de

 ·  Comparison of children performance in reading words with and without attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Lobo, Priscila d'Albergaria de Souza; Lima, Luiz Alberto de Mendonça

 ·  The syllable in production of speech for individuals with Broca's aphasia
Martínez Matos, Hernán

 Orofacial Myofunction
 ·  Verification and morfofunctional analysis of mastication characteristics in individuals using removable dental prosthesis
Cavalcanti, Renata Veiga Andersen; Bianchini, Esther Mandelbaum Gonçalves

 ·  Efficacy of speech therapy in neurogenic dysphagia using functional oral intake scale (FOIS) as a parameter
Furkim, Ana Maria; Sacco, Andréa Baldi de Freitas

 ·  Impact of asthma, allergic rhinitis and mouth breathing in life quality of children and adolescents
Campanha, Silvia Márcia Andrade; Freire, Lincoln Marcelo Silveira; Fontes, Maria Jussara Fernandes

 ·  Speech therapy performance in preterm babies of teenage mothers: a new reality
Barros, Percy Maria de Lima; Araújo, Cláudia Marina Tavares de; Lins, Larissa Costa Barros

 ·  Vocal production conditions for furniture and household appliance salespeople: correlation between health issues and vocal symptoms and habits
Ferreira, Léslie Piccolotto; Luciano, Patrícia; Akutsu, lara Megumi

 ·  Dysphonias: S/Z ratio and types of voice
Cielo, Carla Aparecida; Conterno, Giseane; Carvalho, Cláudia Dutra de Moraes; Finger, Leila Susana

 ·  The singer's body: stretch, relax or warm-up?
Mello, Enio Lopes; Andrada e Silva, Marta Assumpção de

 ·  25 years of professional voice care: analyzing the actions
Ueda, Kelly Hitomi; dos Santos, Leila Zambuze; Oliveira, Iara Bittante de

 ·  Maternal feelings towards neonatal auditory screening
Tochetto, Tania Maria; Petry, Tiago; Gonçalves, Maiara Santos; Silva, Milena Leite; Pedroso, Fleming Salvador

 ·  Applicability of Fast ForWord software to management auditory process disorders: early result
Balen, Sheila Andreoli; Massignani, Rosiana; Schillo, Raquel

 ·  Vertigo in elderly: a case report
Levandowski, Marcelle Alpino; Bueno, Valéria Kruskiewicz; Marchiori, Luciana Lozza de Moraes; Melo, Juliana Jandre

 ·  Comparing the results of lower voice detection thresholds by means of recorded material and live voices
Ribas, Angela; Klagenberg, Karlin Fabianne; Diniz, Marine da Rosa; Zeigelboim, Bianca Simone; Martins-Bassetto, Jackeline

 ·  Audiological evaluation in mitochondrial disease: two case report
Silveira, Marcela Rosana Maia da; Gil, Daniela

 Health Collection
 ·  Biosafety precautions in audiology
Mancini, Patrícia Cotta; Teixeira, Letícia Caldas; Resende, Luciana Macedo de; Gomes, Adriana Martins; Vicente, Laélia Cristina Caseiro; Oliveira, Patrícia Marques de