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Sao Paulo Medical Journal
Print version ISSN 1516-3180


Table of contents
Sao Paulo Med. J. vol.117 n.1 São Paulo Jan. 1999

 ·  Uniform requirements for manuscripts, CONSORT statement and more informative abstracts: three fundamental papers for improving the quality of medical publications
Atallah, Álvaro Nagib; Castro, Aldemar Araujo

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 Original article
 ·  Maternal mortality in Campinas: evolution, under-registration and avoidanc
Cecatti, José Guilherme; Faúndes, Aníbal; Surita, Fernanda Garanhani de Castro

 ·  Nutritional assessment and serum zinc and copper concentration in leukemic children
Sgarbieri, Ursula Rohr; Fisberg, Mauro; Tone, Luis Gonzaga

 ·  Is glycosuria a reliable indicator of adequacy of glucose infusion rate in preterm infants?
Falcão, Mário Cícero; Leone, Cléa Rodrigues; Ramos, José Lauro Araújo

 ·  Delimitation of homogeneous regions in the UNIFESP/EPM healthcare center coverage area based on sociodemographic indicators
Harada, Karina Yuri; Silva, Julieta Gonçalves; Schenkman, Simone; Hayama, Eliana Tiemi; Santos, Francisco Roberto Gonçalves; Prado, Mariângela Cainelli de Oliveira; Pontes, Regina Helena Petroni

 Case report
 ·  Parapharyngeal space tumors: considerations in 26 cases
Tincani, Alfio José; Martins, Antonio Santos; Altemani, Albina; Scanavini Jr., Rui Carlos; Barreto, Gilson; Lage, Henriette de Toledo; Valério, João Batista; Molina, Giulianno

 ·  Delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction presenting as a painful crisis in a patient with sickle cell anemia
Fabron Junior, Antonio; Moreira Junior, Gilberto; Bordin, José Orlando

 Notes for authors-ICMJE
 ·  Redundant or duplicate publication

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 ·  Acceptable secondary publication

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 Letter to the editor
 ·  Should there be a recommended limit to the number of references in a scientific article?
Anger, Jaime

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