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Sao Paulo Medical Journal
Print version ISSN 1516-3180


Table of contents
Sao Paulo Med. J. vol.118 n.5 São Paulo Sept. 2000

 ·  Yes, we have bananas (and also health statistics data): Brazilian-based Medicine
Lotufo, Paulo Andrade

 ·  Nutritional evaluation and support for children infected with HIV
Marques, Heloísa Helena de Sousa

 Original article
 ·  Detection of human papillomavirus in epithelial lesions of the conjunctiva
Palazzi, Maristela Amaral; Erwenne, Clélia Maria; Villa, Luísa Lina

 ·  Epidemiology of Bloodstream Infections at a Cancer Center
Velasco, Eduardo; Thuler, Luiz Claudio Santos; Martins, Carlos Alberto de Souza; Nucci, Márcio; Dias, Leda Maria Castro; Gonçalves, Vânia Maria da Silva Castro

 ·  The frequency of smoking and problem drinking among general hospital inpatients in Brazil - using the AUDIT and Fagerström questionnaires
Figlie, Neliana Buzi; Pillon, Sandra Cristina; Dunn, John; Laranjeira, Ronaldo

 ·  Thyroid stimulating hormone levels in cord blood are not influenced by non-thyroidal mothers' diseases
Ward, Laura Sterian; Kunii, Ilda Shizue; Maciel, Rui Monteiro de Barros

 ·  Evolution of nutritional status of infants infected with the human immunodeficiency virus
Leandro-Merhi, Vânia Aparecida; Vilela, Maria Marluce dos Santos; Silva, Marcos Nolasco da; Lopez, Fábio Ancona; Barros Filho, Antônio de Azevedo

 Case report
 ·  Vanishing bile duct syndrome in Hodgkin's disease: case report
Rossini, Marta Soares; Lorand-Metze, Irene; Oliveira, Gislaine Borba; Souza, Cármino Antonio De

 ·  Musculoskeletal manifestations of bacterial endocarditis
Rangel, Érika Bevilaqua; Atallah, Álvaro Nagib