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Sao Paulo Medical Journal
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Table of contents
Sao Paulo Med. J. vol.136 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Feb. 2018

 ·  Keeping a watchful eye on the food giants and cleansing the temple of nutritional medicine and epidemiology
Lotufo, Paulo Andrade

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 Original Article
 ·  Accidents involving motorcycles and potential years of life lost. An ecological and exploratory study
Pavanitto, Drielle Rezende; Menezes, Renata Armani de Moura; Nascimento, Luiz Fernando Costa

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 ·  Cross-sectional study on the association between frailty and violence against community-dwelling elderly people in Brazil
Belisário, Mariane Santos; Dias, Flavia Aparecida; Pegorari, Maycon Sousa; Paiva, Mariana Mapelli de; Ferreira, Pollyana Cristina dos Santos; Corradini, Fabrício Anibal; Tavares, Darlene Mara dos Santos

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 ·  Prevalence of electrocardiographic abnormalities in primary care patients according to sex and age group. A retrospective observational study
Santos, Julia Pereira Afonso dos; Ribeiro, Antonio Luiz Pinho; Andrade-Junior, Diomildo; Marcolino, Milena Soriano

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 ·  C-reactive protein/albumin ratio is associated with lung function among children/adolescents with cystic fibrosis: a three-year longitudinal study
Ventura, Julia Carvalho; Hauschild, Daniela Barbieri; Moreira, Emília Addison Machado; Pereira, Letícia Cristina Radin; Rosa, Anauã Franco; Barbosa, Eliana; Ludwig-Neto, Norberto; Rosa, Julia Salvan da; Fröde, Tânia Silvia; Moreno, Yara Maria Franco

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 ·  Epidemiological situation of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)-related mortality in a municipality in northeastern Brazil. A retrospective cross-sectional study
Silva, Luana Rodrigues da; Araújo, Ellen Thallita Hill; Carvalho, Moisés Lopes; Almeida, Camila Aparecida Pinheiro Landim; Oliveira, Adélia Dalva da Silva; Carvalho, Patrícia Maria Gomes de; Rodrigues, Tatyanne Silva; Campelo, Viriato

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 ·  Sensory-motor training versus resistance training among patients with knee osteoarthritis: randomized single-blind controlled trial
Gomiero, Aline Bassoli; Kayo, Andrea; Abraão, Marcelo; Peccin, Maria Stella; Grande, Antonio Jose; Trevisani, Virginia Fernandes

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 ·  Educational inequality in Rio de Janeiro and its impact on multimorbidity: evidence from the Pró-Saúde study. A cross-sectional analysis
Jantsch, Adelson Guaraci; Alves, Ronaldo Fernandes Santos; Faerstein, Eduardo

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 Short Communication
 ·  Proportion of doctors who stayed in the state of Tocantins after finishing medical residency: preliminary results from a cross-sectional study
Baldaçara, Leonardo; de Carvalho Baldaçara, Raquel Prudente

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 Narrative review
 ·  Carotid intima-media thickness in the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil): a narrative review
Santos, Eduardo Henrique Sena; Santos Neto, Pedro José dos; Santos, Itamar de Souza

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 ·  What do Cochrane systematic reviews say about non-surgical interventions for urinary incontinence in women?
Costa, Anderson Adriano Leal Freitas da; Vasconcellos, Igor Martins; Pacheco, Rafael Leite; Bella, Zsuzsanna Ilona Katalin de Jármy Di; Riera, Rachel

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 Case Report
 ·  Bariatric surgery in individuals with severe cognitive impairment: report of two cases
Cazzo, Everton; Gestic, Martinho Antonio; Utrini, Murillo Pimentel; Chaim, Felipe David Mendonça; Cândido, Elaine Cristina; Jarolavsky, Luciana Bueno da Silveira; Almeida, Ana Maria Neder de; Pareja, José Carlos; Chaim, Elinton Adami

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 ·  Report of a rare case and review of adult intestinal duplication at the opposite side of mesenteric margin
Huang, Zhi-Hao; Wan, Zi-Hao; Vikash, Vikash; Vikash, Sindhu; Jiang, Cong-Qing

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 Letter to the editor
 ·  Wealth inequality and weak primary care in the city of São Paulo: ingredients for a dysfunctional and ineffective healthcare system
Diaz Olmos, Rodrigo

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 ·  Unethical research trend: shadow libraries
Asim, Zeeshan; Sorooshian, Shahryar

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