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Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1806-9290


Table of contents
R. Bras. Zootec. vol.38 no.spe Viçosa July 2009

 ·  Methods for predicting the energy value of pet foods
Castrillo, Carlos; Hervera, Marta; Baucells, Maria Dolores

 ·  Lipids in dogs and cats nutrition: metabolism, sources and application in practical and therapeutic diets
Trevizan, Luciano; Kessler, Alexandre de Mello

 ·  Recent advances in nutrition of fish larval
Conceição, Luís Eugénio Castanheira da; Aragão, Cláudia; Richard, Nadège; Engrola, Sofia; Gavaia, Paulo; Mira, Sara; Dias, Jorge

 ·  Biotechnology applied to salmoniculture
Isler, Iván Valdebenito

 ·  Nutritive value of common feeds used in tropical fish diets
Pezzato, Luiz Edivaldo; Barros, Margarida Maria; Furuya, Wilson Massamitu

 ·  Research in network in aquaculture: technological basis for sustainable development of aquaculture in Brazil. Aquabrasil
Resende, Emiko Kawakami de

 ·  Using actual and ultrasound carcass information in beef genetic evaluation programs
Bertrand, Joseph Keith

 ·  SNP markers: basic concepts, applications in animal breeding and management and perspectives for the future
Caetano, Alexandre Rodrigues

 ·  Hierarchical Bayesian models for robust estimation and censored data analysis in animal breeding
Cardoso, Fernando Flores; Rosa, Guilherme Jordão de Magalhães; Tempelman, Robert John; Torres Junior, Roberto Augusto de Almeida

 ·  Confinement reactivity
Maffei, Walsiara Estanislau

 ·  Ant colony algorithm for analysis of gene interaction in high-dimensional association data
Rekaya, Romdhane; Robbins, Kelly

 ·  Pasture irrigation: present and recommendations for use and management
Alencar, Carlos Augusto Brasileiro de; Cunha, Fernando França da; Martins, Carlos Eugênio; Cóser, Antônio Carlos; Rocha, Wadson Sebastião Duarte da; Araújo, Rodrigo Antônio Silva

 ·  From the bite to precision grazing: understanding the plant-animal interface to exploit the multi-functionality of grasslands
Carvalho, Paulo César de Faccio; Trindade, Julio Kuhn da; Mezzalira, Jean Carlos; Poli, Cesar Henrique Espírito Candal; Nabinger, Carlos; Genro, Teresa Cristina Moraes; Gonda, Horacio Leandro

 ·  Precision livestock production: tools and concepts
Laca, Emilio A.

 ·  Crop and livestock integration: the state of the art and the near future
Macedo, Manuel Claudio Motta

 ·  Supplementation of beef cattle as strategy of pasture management
Reis, Ricardo Andrade; Ruggieri, Ana Cláudia; Casagrande, Daniel Rume; Páscoa, Adriano Gomes

 ·  Improving grassland profitability in the Mid-continental USA by breeding for improved forage digestibility: lessons learned and applications to South American grasslands
Vogel, Kenneth Paul; Miranda, Cesar Heraclides Behling

 ·  Microbial silage additives in Brazil: review of aspects of ensilage and animal performance
Zopollatto, Maity; Daniel, João Luiz Pratti; Nussio, Luiz Gustavo

 Poultry and Swine Production
 ·  What mineral and vitamin levels to recommend in swine diets?
Gaudré, Didier; Quiniou, Nathalie

 ·  Advances in poultry nutrition
Kidd, Michael T.

 ·  Amino acids for broilers
Oliveira Neto, Adhemar Rodrigues de; Oliveira, Will P. de

 ·  Molecular methods to evaluate effects of feed additives and nutrients in poultry gut microflora
Oviedo-Rondón, Edgar O.

 ·  Applying precision feeding techniques in growing-finishing pig operations
Pomar, Cândido; Hauschild, Luciano; Zhang, Guo-Hua; Pomar, Jesus; Lovatto, Paolo Alberto

 ·  Chemical and philosophic interactions of acidifiers, probiotics, enzymes and lysophospholipids in the piglest digestion
Silva Junior, Arnaldo da

 Horse Production
 ·  Nutritional and metabolic importance of fiber in the horse diet
Brandi, Roberta Ariboni; Furtado, Carlos Eduardo

 ·  Use of conserved roughage in the horse feeding
Domingues, José Luiz

 ·  Carbohydrate metabolism and metabolic disorders in horses
Hoffman, Rhonda M.

 Sheep and Goat Production
 ·  Ruminal fermentation modification of protein and carbohydrate by means of roasted and estimation of microbial protein synthesis
Andrade-Montemayor, Héctor; García Gasca, Teresa; Kawas, Jorge

 ·  Sensorial characteristics of sheep meat
Osório, José Carlos da Silveira; Osório, Maria Teresa Moreira; Sañudo, Carlos

 ·  In vitro embryo production in ovine: critical vision of the method and of the field results
Traldi, Anneliese de Souza

 Ruminant Production
 ·  Influence of feed on the production on quality of goat milk
Costa, Roberto Germano; Queiroga, Rita de Cássia R. E.; Pereira, Renata A. G.

 ·  Strategies for the supplementation of dairy cows in the Brazilian semi-arid
Ferreira, Marcelo de Andrade; Silva, Fabiana Maria da; Bispo, Safira Valença; Azevedo, Marcílio de

 ·  Rational use of non renewable natural resources: biological, economical and environmental aspects
Lana, Rogério de Paula

 ·  Recent developments in nucleic acid based techniques for use in rumen manipulation
McSweeney, Christopher; Kang, Seungha; Gagen, Emma; Davis, Carl; Morrison, Mark; Denman, Stuart

 ·  Antioxidants and dairy production: the example of flax
Petit, Hélène V.

 ·  Diet authentication in sheep from the composition of animal tissues and products
Prache, Sophie

 ·  Grazing supplementation: availability and quality x supplementation levels x performance
Silva, Fabiano Ferreira da; Sá, Jacqueline Firmino de; Schio, Alex Resende; Ítavo, Luís Carlos Vínhas; Silva, Robério Rodrigues; Mateus, Rodrigo Gonçalves

 Production System and Agribusiness
 ·  Artificial intelligence in Animal Science
Costa, Ernane José Xavier

 ·  Qualification of the adaptive capacities of livestock farming systems
Dedieu, Benoît

 ·  Management method in animal production system
Machado, Paulo Fernando; Cassoli, Laerte Dagher; Silva, Augusto Lima da

 ·  Challenge of coordenation and its impacts on the competitiveness between chains and agribusiness systems
Saab, Maria Stella B. L. de Melo; Neves, Marcos Fava; Cláudio, Leandro Del Grande

 Ration Technology
 ·  Transfer of toxic substances from feed to food
Kan, Cornelis Adriaan

 ·  North American Rendering: processing high quality protein and fats for feed
Meeker, David L.

 ·  Use of ingredients from OGM in feed and its impact on the production of food of animal origin for human
Vercesi, Anibal E.; Ravagnani, Felipe G.; Di Ciero, Luciana