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Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria
On-line version ISSN 1809-452X


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Psiquiatr. vol.34 no.3 São Paulo Oct. 2012

 ·  Driving while intoxicated in Brazil: tougher laws are a first step, but further challenges remain
Chandran, Aruna; Pérez-Núñez, Ricardo

 ·  Opportunity and challenge: the situation of child and adolescent mental health in Brazil
Kieling, Christian; Belfer, Myron

 ·  Why is Brazil losing the race against youth suicide?
Bertolote, José Manoel

 Original Articles
 ·  Lifetime Prevalence, age and gender distribution and age-of-onset of psychiatric disorders in the São Paulo Metropolitan Area, Brazil: results from the São Paulo Megacity Mental Health Survey
Viana, Maria Carmen; Andrade, Laura Helena

 ·  Spatial distribution of suicide incidence rates in municipalities in the state of Espírito Santo (Brazil), 2003-2007: spatial analysis to identify risk areas
Macente, Luciene Bolzam; Zandonade, Eliana

 ·  Prevalence of suicide risk and comorbidities in postpartum women in Pelotas
Tavares, Daniele; Quevedo, Luciana; Jansen, Karen; Souza, Luciano; Pinheiro, Ricardo; Silva, Ricardo

 ·  Predictors of positive Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in a sample of Brazilian drivers
Pechansky, Flavio; Duarte, Paulina do Carmo Arruda Vieira; De Boni, Raquel; Leukefeld, Carl G.; von Diemen, Lisia; Bumaguin, Daniela Benzano; Kreische, Fernanda; Hilgert, Juliana Balbinot; Bozzetti, Mary Clarisse; Fuchs, Daniel Fernando Paludo

 ·  Suicide rates and trends in São Paulo, Brazil, according to gender, age and demographic aspects: a joinpoint regression analysis
Bando, Daniel H.; Brunoni, André R.; Fernandes, Tiótrefis G.; Benseñor, Isabela M.; Lotufo, Paulo A.

 ·  Use of alcohol and other drugs among Brazilian college students: effects of gender and age
Andrade, Arthur Guerra de; Duarte, Paulina do Carmo Arruda Vieira; Barroso, Lucia Pereira; Nishimura, Raphael; Alberghini, Denis Guilherme; Oliveira, Lúcio Garcia de

 ·  Regional differences associated with drinking and driving in Brazil
De Boni, Raquel; Diemen, Lisia von; Duarte, Paulina do Carmo Arruda Vieira; Bumaguin, Daniela Benzano; Hilgert, Juliana Balbinot; Bozzetti, Mary Clarisse; Sordi, Anne; Pechansky, Flavio

 ·  Psychiatric disorders among individuals who drive after the recent use of alcohol and drugs
Faller, Sibele; Webster, J. Matthew; Leukefeld, Carl G.; Bumaguin, Daniela Benzano; Duarte, Paulina do Carmo Arruda Vieira; De Boni, Raquel; Pechansky, Flavio

 ·  Is there an association between perinatal complications and ttention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder-inattentive type in children and adolescents?
Ketzer, Carla Ruffoni; Gallois, Carolina; Martinez, Ana Luiza; Rohde, Luis Augusto; Schmitz, Marcelo

 Brief Communications
 ·  Effects of pregabalin on behavioral alterations induced by ketamine in rats
Nunes, Emerson Arcoverde; Canever, Leila; Oliveira, Larissa de; Luca, Renata D'altoe de; Quevedo, João; Zugno, Alexandra; Peregrino, Antonio; Crippa, José Alexandre S.; Dursun, Serdar M.; Baker, Glen B.; Hallak, Jaime Eduardo C.

 Special Articles
 ·  How to improve the mental health care of children and adolescents in Brazil: actions needed in the public sector
Paula, Cristiane S.; Lauridsen-Ribeiro, Edith; Wissow, Lawrence; Bordin, Isabel A. S.; Evans-Lacko, Sara

 Update Articles
 ·  Temperament and character dimensions and their relationship to major depression and panic disorder
Mochcovitch, Marina Dyskant; Nardi, Antonio Egidio; Cardoso, Adriana

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  Rates of psychiatric readmission and public mental health policies
Barros, Régis Eric Maia; Del-Ben, Cristina Marta

 ·  Lithium use during the first trimester of pregnancy followed by discontinuation, close follow-up and therapy focused on listening and support
Bassitt, Débora; Soares, Walter; Haddad, Michel; Alberti, Mariana; Bezerra, Marcela

 ·  Negligible impact of a HTR1A gene promoter variant on suicidal behavior
Sand, Philipp G.

 Book Review
 ·  Exploring frontiers of the mind-brain relationship
Rocha, Neusa Sicca da

 ·  Cinema e Loucura: conhecendo os transtornos mentais através dos filmes
Marque, Cristiane Reberte de