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Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola
versão On-line ISSN 1806-9061


Rev. Bras. Cienc. Avic. v.5 n.2 Campinas maio/ago. 2003

An alternative for antibiotic se in poultry: probiotics
Edens, FW

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Effects of energy level in finisher diets and slaughter age of on the performance and carcass yield in broiler chickens
Albuquerque, R de; Faria, DE de; Junqueira, OM; Salvador, D; Faria Filho, DE de; Rizzo, MF

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Feed restriction on performance and blood parameters of broilers fed diets with different sodium levels
Junqueira, OM; Fonseca, LEC; Araújo, LF; Duarte, KF; Araújo, CS da S; Rodrigues, EAp

        · resumo em Inglês     · texto em Inglês
Performance and organ morphology of broilers fed microbial or antimicrobial additives and raised in batteries or floor pens
Pedroso, AA; Menten, JFM; Racanicci, AMC; Longo, FA; Sorbara, JOB; Gaiotto, JB

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Characterization of selection effects on broiler lines using DNA fingerprinting
Schmidt, GS; Hellmeister Filho, P; Zanella, EL

        · resumo em Inglês     · texto em Inglês
Effect of selection for productive traits in broiler maternal lines on embryo development
Schmidt, GS; Figueiredo, EAP de; Ledur, MC; Alves, HJ

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Effect of temperature on incubation period, embryonic mortality, hatch rate, egg water loss and partridge chick weight (Rhynchotus rufescens)
Nakage, ES; Cardozo, JP; Pereira, GT; SA; Boleli, IC

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Gumboro disease: evaluation of serological and anatomopathological responses in vaccinated broiler chickens challenged with very virulent virus strain
Bolis, DA; Paganini, FJ; Simon, VA; Zuanaze, MF; Scanavini Neto, H; Correa, ARA; Ito, NMK

        · resumo em Inglês     · texto em Inglês
Preliminary studies of alternative feed additives for broilers: Alternanthera brasiliana extract, propolis extract and linseed oil
Biavatti, MW; Bellaver, MH; Volpato, L; Costa, C; Bellaver, C

        · resumo em Inglês     · texto em Inglês
Protein requirement of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) during rearing and laying periods
Soares, R da TRN; Fonseca, JB; Santos, AS de O dos; Mercandante, MB

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