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Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola
versión On-line ISSN 1806-9061


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Rev. Bras. Cienc. Avic. v.6 n.1 Campinas ene./mar. 2004

Modeling energy utilization in broiler breeders, laying hens and broilers
Sakomura, NK

Egg traits and physiological neonatal chick parameters from broiler breeder at different ages
Luquetti, BC; Gonzales, E; Bruno, LDG; Furlan, RL; Macari, M

Effect of broiler breeder age on pancreas enzymes activity and digestive tract weight of embryos and chicks
Maiorka, A; Santin, E; Silva, AVF; Routman, KS; Pizauro Jr., JM; Macari, M

Respiratory risks in broiler production workers
Alencar, M do CB de; Nääs, I de A; Gontijo, LA

Entero-hepatic pathobiology: histopathology and semi-quantitative bacteriology of the duodenum
Ito, NMK; Miyaji, CI; Lima, EA; Okabayashi, S; Claure, RA; Graça, EO

Infectious bursal disease virus: case report and experimental studies in vaccinated and unvaccinated SPF chickens and commercial broiler chicks
Scanavini Neto, H; Ito, NMK; Miyaji, CI; Lima, E de A; Okabayashi, S; Corrêa, ARA; Eleutério, GC; Zuanaze, MA

Digestibility of feeds containing sorghum, with and without tannin, for broiler chickens submitted to three room temperatures
Garcia, RG; Mendes, AA; Sartori, JR; Paz, ICLA; Takahashi, SE; Pelícia, K; Komiyama, CM; Quinteiro, RR

Different criteria of feed formulation for broilers aged 43 to 49 days
Araújo, LF; Junqueira, OM; Araújo, CSS; Faria, DE; Andreotti, MO

Susceptibility of mammalian cell line for isolation of IBDV from clinical samples
Silva, SEL; Ferreira, HL; Carvalho, BA; Cardoso, TC