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Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola
On-line version ISSN 1806-9061


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Rev. Bras. Cienc. Avic. vol.9 no.3 Campinas July/Sept. 2007

Utilization of fluorescent probe association for simultaneous assessment of plasmatic, acrosomal, and mitochondrial membranes of rooster spermatozoa
Celeghini, ECC; Arruda, RP; Albuquerque, R; Silva, FHA; Faria, DE; Andrade, AFC; Nascimento, J; Raphael, CF

Relationship between ecological concepts and biosafety in broiler breeder farms
Santos, CA; Falconi, FA

Effectiveness of the compound chlorpyrifos+ cypermethrin+citronellal against Alphitobius diaperinus: laboratory analysis and residue determination in carcasses
Silva, GS; Michels, MG; Toma, SB; Terra, FE; Soares, VE; Costa, AJ

Reproductive and behavioral aspects of red-winged tinamous (Rhynchotus rufescens) in groups with different sex ratios
Cromberg, VU; Stein, MS; Boleli, IC; Tonhati, H; Queiroz, SA

Performance of japanese quails fed feeds containing different corn and limestone particle sizes
Berto, DA; Garcia, EA; Móri, C; Faitarone, ABG; Pelícia, K; Molino, AB

Morphometry and ultra-structure of the intestinal mucosa of broilers fed different additives
Pelicano, ERL; Souza, PA; Souza, HBA; Figueiredo, DF; Amaral, CMC

Performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens with different growth potential and submitted to heat stress
Rosa, PS; Faria Filho, DE; Dahlke, F; Vieira, BS; Macari, M; Furlan, RL

Selection for entomopathogenic fungi and LD50 of Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch.) Sorok. for the Lesser Mealworm Alphitobius diaperinus (Panzer) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)
Chernaki-Leffer, AM; Sosa-Gòmez, DR; Almeida, LM

Effects of prebiotics and probiotics on the colonization and immune response of broiler chickens challenged with Salmonella Enteritidis
Ribeiro, AML; Vogt, LK; Canal, CW; Cardoso, MRI; Labres, RV; Streck, AF; Bessa, MC

Risk factors and likelihood of Campylobacter colonization in broiler flocks
Kuana, SL; Santos, LR; Rodrigues, LB; Borsoi, A; Moraes, HLS; Salle, CTP; Nascimento, VP