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Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola
On-line version ISSN 1806-9061


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Cienc. Avic. vol.10 no.2 Campinas Apr./June 2008

Chelated minerals for poultry
Vieira, SL

Correlations between thermal environment and egg quality of two layer commercial strains
Pereira, DF; Vitorasso, G; Oliveira, SC; Kakimoto, SK; Togashi, CK; Soares, NM

Hatching distribution and embryo mortality of eggs laid by broiler breeders of different ages
Almeida, JG; Vieira, SL; Reis, RN; Berres, J; Barros, R; Ferreira, AK; Furtado, FVF

Egg hatchability prediction by multiple linear regression and artificial neural networks
Bolzan, AC; Machado, RAF; Piaia, JCZ

Study on the bone mineral density of broiler suffering femoral joint degenerative lesions
ICL, Almeida Paz; Mendes, AA; Balog, A; Vulcano, LC; Ballarin, AW; Almeida, ICL; Takahashi, SE; Komiyama, CM; Silva, MC; Cardoso, KFG

Plant extracts used as growth promoters in broilers
Barreto, MSR; Menten, JFM; Racanicci, AMC; Pereira, PWZ; Rizzo, PV

Growth and body nutrient deposition of two broiler commercial genetic lines
Marcato, SM; Sakomura, NK; Munari, DP; Fernandes, JBK; Kawauchi, ÍM; Bonato, MA

Ascorbic acid and citric flavonoids for broilers under heat stress: effects on performance and meat quality
Peña, JEM; Vieira, SL; López, J; Reis, RN; Barros, R; Furtado, FVF; Silva, PX

Response surface models to predict broiler performance and applications for economic analysis
Faria Filho, DE; Rosa, PS; Torres, KAA; Macari, M; Furlan, RL

In vitro efficiency of disinfectants against salmonella enteritidis samples isolated from broiler carcasses
Cardoso, MO; Ribeiro, AR; Santos, LR; Borsoi, A; Pilotto, F; Rocha, SLS; Nascimento, VP