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Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola
On-line version ISSN 1806-9061


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Cienc. Avic. vol.13 no.3 Campinas July/Sept. 2011

Effects of initial body weight and litter material on broiler production
Mendes, AS; Paixão, SJ; Restelatto, R; Reffatti, R; Possenti, JC; Moura, DJ de; Morello, GMZ; Carvalho, TMR de

Turmeric root and annato seed in second-cycle layer diets: performance and egg quality
Laganá, C; Pizzolante, CC; Saldanha, ESPB; Moraes, JE de

Surface temperature distribution in broiler houses
Baracho, MS; Nääs, IA; Nascimento, GR; Cassiano, JA; Oliveira, KR

Small intestine development of laying hens fed different fiber sources diets and crude protein levels
Praes, MFFM; Pereira, AA; Sgavioli, S; Duarte, KF; Alva, JCR; Domingues, CH de F; Puzzoti, MM; Junqueira, OM

Effects of different dietary vitamin combinations on the egg quality and vitamin deposition in the whole egg of laying hens
Zang, H; Zhang, K; Ding, X; Bai, S; Hernández, JM; Yao, B

The effects of cinnamon powder feeding on some blood metabolites in broiler chicks
Koochaksaraie, RR; Irani, M; Gharavysi, S

Assessing bone mineral density, eggshell characteristics and their relationship at peak egg production of laying hens in response to various levels of vitamin C
Saki, AA; Rahmati, MMH; Eskandarlou, A; Zamani, P; Hosseini Siyar, SA

Performance of layers submitted to different forced-molting methods and different temperatures
Sgavioli, S; Filardi, R da S; Praes, MFFM; Assuena, V; Pileggi, J; Andrade, P de C; Boleli, I C; Junqueira, OM

Performance and carcass characteristics of free-range broiler chickens fed diets containing alternative feedstuffs
Faria, PB; Vieira, JO; Silva, JN; Rodrigues, AQ; Souza, XR; Santos, FR; Pereira, AA

Exogenous enzymes in pre-starter broiler diets based on corn and soybean meal
Lima, RB; Rabello, CBV; Lima, SBP de; Figueiredo-Lima, DF; Siqueira, JC de; Vilar da Silva, JH; Silva, EP da