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Ciência & Educação (Bauru)
On-line version ISSN 1980-850X


Table of contents
Ciênc. educ. (Bauru) vol.13 no.3 Bauru Sept./Dec. 2007

Scientific knowledge, its teaching and learning: constructivism present
Queiroz, Gloria Regina Pessôa Campello; Barbosa-Lima, Maria da Conceição Almeida

Narratives potential as a resource to Science teaching: an analysis of Physics textbooks
Ribeiro, Ruth Marina Lemos; Martins, Isabel

Comparative analysis of the Phylum Mollusca contents in a high school instructional book and in teacher's notes/handouts at Cascavel, Paraná, Brazil
Santos, Juliana Cristina dos; Alves, Luis Francisco Angeli; Corrêa, João Jorge; Silva, Everton Ricardi Lozano

Exploring some mental models of children about Bancroftian filariasis
Motta, Micheline Barbosa da; Teixeira, Francimar Martins

Instinct, etology and the Konrad Lorenz theory
Zuanon, Átima Clemente Alves

Diffusion of science in the printed media: a focus on the Biological Sciences
Bertolli Filho, Claudio

Representations of the Atlantic Rainforest and its biodiversity through children's drawings
Schwarz, Maria Luiza; Sevegnani, Lúcia; André, Pierre

Collective and interdisciplinary construction in the Environmental Education of teaching: using the Ribeirão dos Peixes hydrographical micro basin as a theme
Lucatto, Luis Gustavo; Talamoni, Jandira Liria Biscalquini

Interdisciplinarity in Science and Mathematics education at High School level
Lavaqui, Vanderlei; Batista, Irinéa de Lourdes

Curricular configurations through the CTS approach: challenges to be faced in EJA (the education of youths and adults)
Muenchen, Cristiane; Auler, Décio

Knowledge exchange by an experienced teacher and an inexperienced one as an aid in learning how to teach
Longhini, Marcos Daniel; Hartwig, Dácio Rodney

Concept map: testing analytical criteria
Ruiz-Moreno, Lidia; Sonzogno, Maria Cecília; Batista, Sylvia Helena da Silva; Batista, Nildo Alves